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  1. Jessica237 added a comment on a blog entry: 1st month on hormones   

    So true I bumped my chest a few times My nipples have been sensitive even before hrt when on over the counter stuff.but even more so now .
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  2. Jessica237 added a blog entry in Jessica237   

    1st month on hormones
    Well today is my first month of completing hormones which have been going really good I believe my breast development just from hormones is noticeable so I guess that's a good thing cuz most cases it's not from what I can read also being on hormones definitely give you different feelings I'm more sensitive to things which I find intriguing for example I crave certain foods and I couldn't make potato salad fast enough lol
    being on hormones and being able to complete Who I Really Am  has been very important for me and easy to lean on as an excape from whatever life throws at you because I am happy with my self as I see it.
    Getting used to not getting aroused is a experience thoe ,100% not functioning.witch I see as a positive seeing that will go away with surgery, srs. Just Dident expect non functioning so soon .
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  3. Jessica237 added a comment on a blog entry: Blood test   

    Yup three days on hrt all is good still adapting to the other pill that's what the doctor told me to after a while I'll become undetectable because I have such a small amount but other than that I'm fine still grasping the whole idea of that being an addition thank you so much for all your support and feedback I appreciate it very much
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  4. Jessica237 added a comment on a blog entry: Blood test   

    Got my prescription for HRT very happy about that but I'm also very sad and disappointed not in the medical profession thou ,well unfortunately I have to take another pill as this is anonymous so I can feel safe speaking in here so I don't have anybody to talk to but the other pill is for HIV and I'm just been so distraught and holding it back all day but at the end as now that it's night in the day is over now I have done and cried all over for a few hours and still and happy that I can be who I really am on the inside I'm proud that the doctors screen for diseases and stuff prior to getting HRT I'm just so very sad right now but find hope and being able to be me 😢
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  5. Jessica237 added a comment on a blog entry: Blood test   

    I allways opened those up to see what they were then rewrapped them 😀,
    But there was those hiding somewhere so was all ways surprised. 
    That being said I have no patience and will allways be surprised😀
    Does being on my own hrt count for the supposed time frame to wait for srs?
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  6. Jessica237 added a comment on a blog entry: girl jeans   

    Wow yes girl jeans that wrap around my whole legs very nice I wear them sometimes only when I'm going out but yeah building up the confidence to actually wear them everyday still haven't gotten there yet but I definitely want to because they're so more comfortable and yes the looks in the feedback because I'm not like fully woman yet or look fully woman but an outside but it will all come in time I suppose
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  7. Jessica237 added a blog entry in Jessica237   

    Blood test
    So after 4 months of taking over the counter estrogen and other dietary supplements I've made my appointment take my blood test now I'm waiting for results to go back to start HRT full-time although I practically been on my own HRT for the past 4 months which end result have been positive such as breast budding and softer skin and overall good health and sore and sensitive nipples that 
    Are all ways hard .😀
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