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  1. everything ends or dies or breaksdown
  2. i am so done with the internet and people
  3. beginning to wish i had not come here. i will not make that mistake again when looking for a place of safety
  4. i think i really pissed off stephani now my being such a shit stirrer
  5. i fear that old dragon wanting to come back to power,there is no good end if that demon returns to claim my place in this world
  6. my care bear heart has turned to stone so i no longer care about anything but myself and my personal pleasure. caring hurts to much.
  7. i guess my turning to a heart of stone is my best option for my personal protection. i truly give up.
  8. i feel so stupid trying to find what i felt for my ex, and finding only empty thoughts and no response from anyone, i wonder how others exist without that connection at all,if i follow this idea i may just walk away from human emotion in every way,and not feel anything again. have i been wrong to hope for more from other people.? i feel at times i may just remain alone there is no chance of being hurt when alone because people are not to be trusted with any emotional aspect of my life. the world is a harsh place a wilderness void of true life and love. i am going to try mental health resources,but before when i was on anti depressants i became completely devoid of any emotional response. and that was very weird and an almost numb place to be,but maybe numb is better at any rate. as in screw the world and its killing of human care becoming just a place of destruction and war,with no true humanity left anywhere. l;et the world die without me trying to help to heal its wounds at all that takes to much out of me anyway,being a dreamer is to costly in personal expectations of it having any good effect on life in that world. save the whales,hell save the children from our mistakes. i think we adults are doomed anyway.
  9. what i now seem to have learned by trying to connect to emotional things is i need to disconnect from them completely living only for the moment and pleasure not any feeling that might mean more than that emotional connection only leads to pain and vulnerability, as much as i want that connection i must disconnect from it to protect myself from pain and rejection ever again, to become as other's have said live life only 2 minutes at a time not seeking roots in a relationship at all, i was like that but found that to shallow,but is that shallow place better than taking chances on anything more. maybe being a hedonist is a better way to live my life allowing no one to have the ability to hurt me,and not feel anything at all for others? i am confused to say the least but i need to protect myself from that weakness of needing others at all.
  10. you also are hurting sister take care of you too
  11. i guess someone is never coming back i think i scared her off for good
  12. memories from a war in Vietnam. Eye of Salamander, Heart of Newt Collections of defences, suit of armor made of glass There is no central heating, high above this plane of grass Something in the distance, has the odor of the grave This is no place for children, even fathers can be brave The lightning from its voice, has a motion swift and true A dagger of deception, flying straight for you Demons have a calling, though not one of greed Emancipations whisper, harbors notions of great need I am the bringer of conviction, the center of the art But only fools will follow me, to the places far apart Mansions have their seasons, left alone upon a hill Anger is no secret, to the knight who still must kill Bring no laughter to this table, it is bitter in its gall There is no place for dreaming, in this green room down the hall Place your faith in alabaster statues, hid in notches on the wall Say a prayer to heal a monster, just a human after all Within a box, covered in ebony, a diamond for its key Lie the ashes of desire, to be cast silently away at sea It is simple in its danger, this parting from the way Bring no master to this banquet, but the sinner has to stay Call the name of reason, scream it to the stars The fault of justice, may impart a meaning, namely ours For the sake of the defender, no sound may break his lips Not when the anchor has been weighed, from these crimson ships Gather a convention, of the brightest and the best Send them into the night, to a place they face the test A cinema is not the world, a fiction does not ring true Going down has no return, not for me and you Anunitu (C) 2001
  13. i will admit it was a NICE pic and very tempting to be truthful, i am human after all and oral is my weak point
  14. got hit on on twitter it was a bit flattering but more the sex chat kind of attempt so shot that down fast ,guys you would think learn those pics are lame as a come on,duh duh
  15. as always Monica thank you for your input i value your replys, and i understand your issues with health you do seem very strong under difficult physical problems and perhaps you do understand my emotional; issues with being alone. hoping you have someone that cares for you.
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