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  1. Gennee added a post in a topic: Rihanna wont use trans people marketing tool   

    I'm really impressed by Rihanna's response. This is refreshing to hear.

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  2. Gennee added a post in a topic: Trans Health Conference (Philadelphia) - Sept. 7-9, 2017   

    Was going to go but I can't. A couple of my friends are going.
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  3. Gennee added a post in a topic: NJ Gov Signs Pro-Trans Bills   

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  4. Gennee added a post in a topic: Trump to bar transgender individuals from armed forces.   

    If they do kick out the 15 thousand troops they have to replace them. Not going to be easy because some are in high security positions.
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  5. Gennee added a post in a topic: Texas may lose 2018 NFL Draft   

    I was stationed in Texas back in 1971. I liked San Antonio and Houston. The problem is that their politics stink.
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  6. Gennee added a post in a topic: FIRST EVER LGBT exibition openes - Richmond Virginia   

    Congratulations on a job well done, Ellen. I'm so happy that you and Israel present transgender families in a positive manner.  This is something I try and do everyday.

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  7. Gennee added a post in a topic: Southern Comfort Transgender Conference Has Been Discontinued As Of December 10, 2016   

    I just read their Facebook page. Not a lot of information but it seems that much has been going on for awhile. I wanted to go the conference at some point. I hope and pray that it does come back in some form.
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  8. Gennee added a post in a topic: Transgender in America survey results   

    I don't believe suicide is talked about enough. I was happy that transgender people who died by their own hand were remembered at transgender day of remembrance services. Since marriage equality has become the law of the land  a number of lgbt organizations have curtailed or ceased operations. Once again transgender folks have been left behind. 
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  9. Gennee added a post in a topic: Opening Gay and Transgender family exhibit Richmond Va.   

    I would love to visit this exhibit. Congratulations!

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  10. Gennee added a post in a topic: Tennessee bill would allow therapists to refuse LGBT patients on religious grounds   

    My question is what does religion freedom have to do with helping a person in need?
    I'm a Christian and I see the hypocrisy of that statement. 

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  11. Gennee added a post in a topic: Transgender people who lost their lives to hate crimes honored by LGBT community   

    This is what I've been doing. An awful of people who still don't know about what it is to be transgender. Even in the LGB community the knowledge is lacking.
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  12. Gennee added a post in a topic: It's OK to attend church now folks !   

    I have never read this in my 40+ years of being a Christian. I did an in-depth study on this using Hebrew texts. I may do another study on this. It will be helpful whenever someone confronts me with scripture alleged opposing my being transgender. 
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  13. Gennee added a post in a topic: The Importance of Body Language in Passing   

    When women smile at me I smile back. I'm more aware of having good posture.

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  14. Gennee added a post in a topic: New WHO Diagnostic Labels Perpetuate Transgender Stigma   

    It's bad enough that people lump sexuality and gender together.  They are not the same. This is where the confusion is, and most people actually believe that they are.

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