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  1. Ok , Now that I have your attention :

    Lets get down to the nitty , Gritty , and the Dirty of it :
    Have you used your relationship status as a leverage to maintain control over your SO ?
    If so Why ?
    What was the Out come ?
    What were your true intentions?
    Why would You expect them to Do such a thing ?
    What thing did You ask and expect of them?

    I ask this because in any relationship no matter if it be Hedero , Gay , Bi , or any other type there always seems to be a time when the partner uses tactics to force and issue , idea , or action from them to get their way , have You ever done such a thing or Has Your SO done such a thing , lets talk about it , we all know that it happens and often times have no idea what the other person was thinking by doing such a thing , how are we suppose to have a Loving Relationship when such tactics are being impressed upon us or them .

    I am wondering because I have beeen accused of this sort of thing without realising that I was doing it , looking back I can say yeah , I am guilty ,

    I admit to trying to play my SO so she would choose Me over Her Family , Why , Well this is a simple attempt to retain Her life control over her own life , Her Family imposses such harsh recorsive actions that she is and has for years been forced to give way to their ideas and way of thinking even though you could see it just was not the way she wanted to go , so Yes by injecting my influances I changed an out come that Bettered Her life , Mine not so much but Hey we all make sacrafices for those we love , yes I loose the family but I gain a stronger Partner,Friend,and confidant .

    I am not proud of myself for playing the two sides but I did set back for 18 years and watch her Dye inside , so To step in and intervein Heck yeah , I have Lost every thing so I had No more to loose by helping her regain her control over her life , Mine ah Fiddle stix and matches Jim My life is a turd being pushed up hill so I aint to much worried about it any more .

    Please give your story , I am sure it will help ....

  2. State Dept. Highlights Transsexual Ethicist to Celebrate LGBT 'Pride Month'
    Chloe Schwenke, one of three openly transsexual political federal appointees in the Obama administration highlighted at the U.S. State Department for June...