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  1. So, while I am at the beginning of my journey, I'm trying to think of everything. Right now I'm focuses on appearances and finding out how I might look.
    At some point I will try and test the waters outside, maybe go to the shop at first then venture out further. Before that I need to really know what to wear, make up, all that great stuff.
    So I guess my question is this, to anyone else out there that has already transitioned or anyone going through the journey too: What did you wear? How did you wear it? How did you know you were ready to go out?
    I look forward to talking to all of you
    Edit: Just wondering, if there are any cross dressers, drag queens or trans folk out there who have worn bras as a male? If so what did you stuff them with, I know you can get like fake breasts but just thinking of right now... Socks? I have tried socks I'm just curious...
  2. Clothes are a bit of an issue I think, well, for now. Its not like a man can stroll into the womens department and start trying on clothes, it's a lot of guesswork.
    For instance I want to see what my body might look like as a woman in womens clothes. This is tricky for a few reasons..
    I don't own any womens clothes nor do I have access to any.I don't exactly know my size, about a medium I'd say. Whats that? 8? 10?Bras? Naturally if I do ascend into being a real woman one day I'll have breasts. I think I'm roughly a 34 back, cup size is a matter of preference I guess. Start at C and see where that goes.Now shoes. As a man I have relatively big feet, I can get my toes into a size 9 man shoe but are they the same? No idea, again wing it.That being said I love online shopping and eBay so I won't have to awkwardly walk around clothes shops pretending I don't know what I'm looking at because 'their not for me'. So I went on eBay and bought a top, leggings (comfy as hell), nice underwear and a bra that I imagine will fit. They should all be here sometime next week so I will probably document some findings on this here world wide web.
    Some advice for anyone out there in a similar position to me (if anyone out there reads this) , if you're buying anything like this then go online, you can get really cheap stuff on eBay to test your size then it's all done. After that you can get stuff wherever you want.
    Thanks for reading.
  3. Recently I have started to get back into shape after a long period of not taking care of myself. (I'll leave that for another discussion) My attention is teally drawn toward to retro pin up looks that are inspired from the '50's. I know that the usual tact is not to appear too costumey if we're going to try to pass in public, but I think this the direction I want to follow. What are people's thoughts and advice? I have just had my 50th birthday so I'm no spring chicken, but I think this look is completely doable.