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  1. Planned Demonstration at FAMU In Support of Equal Rights
    A demonstration hosted by the FAMU Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Student Pride Union and the Inclusive LGBTQA Task Force. The demonstration is in support of policy changes that include a non-discrimination clause for LGBTQ students.

    The event, “A Peaceful Demonstration for Non-Discrimination”, was called by the organizations in order to give the LGBT community and their allies an opportunity to gather together in unity as they raise the urgency for full LGBT equality now...
  2. Largo's transgender manager lands Lauderdale post
    Fort Lauderdale has hired fired Lake Worth City Manager Susan Stanton as an accountant in its Housing and Community Development Division. Stanton, formerly Steve Stanton, was previously city manager in Largo, but was fired in 2007 after announcing ...
  3. Transgender Woman Found Stabbed To Death In South Beach Apartment
    Huffington Post
    A deceased transgender woman was found stabbed multiple times in her South Beach apartment on Thursday on the 500 block of Michigan Avenue, according an incident report by Miami Beach Police. Javier Menendez Cuesta Daniel, 36, a close friend of the...
  4. Pride president: 'Chaz’s courage, activism and contributions to the whole community stand as inspirations to us all (blog)
    MIAMI BEACH – March 19, 2012 – LGBTQ rights activist, author, lecturer and transgender issues advocate Chaz Bono will headline the Fourth Annual Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade as Grand Marshal, announced Babak Movahedi, president of the Pride board of...
  5. Riviera Beach police investigate whether recent crimes are targeting transsexual prostitutes
    Palm Beach Post
    (Video) By Julius Whigham II and Alexandra Seltzer RIVIERA BEACH — Police are investigating whether Saturday morning's homicide might be part of a larger plot of crimes targeting transsexual prostitutes. Police this morning released the names of two men who...

    You know, just reading this story ticked me off. The reporters obviously don't understand the meaning of the words transvestites or transsexual, and their use of gender pronouns is ignorant a best. The story further marginalizes transgender people and disrespects the victims. It is disgusting. Is it any wonder in a society such as this that some transgender people feel they must resort to prostitution or other undesirable activities to earn a living? ~ Lori
  6. Transgender motel maid busted for groping teen boy
    New York Daily News
    Transgender Florida motel maid Vanessa Olmos is behind bars after he allegedly molested a 14-year-old boy at a Florida Days Inn, authorities said Thursday...

    I didn't really want to post this article but this is the story that just won't go away. The media is blasting it out with sensationalized headlines and all the mixed up gender pronouns you'd ever care for. It's very sad that we will all be judged by some for the (alleged) actions of one. ~ Lori
  7. The T-House Project: Healthcare and Medical Resources for the Transgender Community
    The T-House Project, originally created in 2007, introduced an entirely new, re-invented 2012 online organization for the transgender community and is inviting all new and existing members to take an...