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  1. My Life in Ace

    By Ace, posted
    Hi this is Ace.  I am looking for FTM or MTF friends in Rochester NY.  Many of my friends have dumped me or moved west (the dumping due to my FTM status.  I need friends in Rochester NY who will understand me and be good friends.  I am alone alot although I am married long story).  Please check me out.  Thanks
  2. Hello all,
      In my on-going efforts to enhance my femininity, I've enlisted the help of a straight, biological, cis woman.  I turned to Craigslist to "hire" someone willing to help me better understand makeup and women's fashion.  After several false starts and sifting through several frauds, fakes, and phonies, I've finally met with a lady who is very interested in my transformation process and is sympathetic to the difficulties I've faced.  Her name is Lisa.
      Lisa is a 50 y/o married lady who has experience in helping her friends get ready for social events such as weddings, photo shoots, etc.  Although she is ten years my senior, I actually find this to be an advantage, because she can help me select clothing and jewelry that is more age appropriate.
      I am very eager to go shopping with Lisa, because of her age, as well as the fact that she is a nice looking woman, I think it will help serve as "social camouflage" for me while she helps me sort through women's clothing at the local mall.  Plus, just having someone who can offer a sincere, unbiased opinion on what looks good and doesn't should help temper my male-biased sense of ladies fashion choices...
      Has anyone else, here, ever enlisted the help of sympathetic cis women to assist in their transformation?  Any tips or advice?
  3. It can't last forever, surely?
    Two days ago, I composed an email to be sent out to selected people at work. I was going to send it out myself but then my mentor (I call her that, because she's been helping me a lot) suggested it might be better if the email was sent by my manager, with a few words from him to show he's supporting me. So I sent my composed email to him along with a list of people that I wanted him to send it to, and he wrote a very nice intro to it and sent it for me.
    Almost immediately, I received three replies from senior managers, saying stuff like, "Well done" and "I'm proud of you" and "I'm here if you need anything".
    Today, I arrived at my desk and a guy came over and said, "Thanks for sending me that email. Thanks for including me on the list because I could tell you chose that list of recipients carefully. So I thought maybe that means you see me as a friend." One of the reasons I'd sent it to him was because I can tell that he's pretty influential at work. He's not a senior manager but he's well respected. And when my mother died, he was the only person to say "I'm sorry" and offer me a hug. So I suppose I see him as someone I respect and I kind of hoped he might be on my side when he found out what I'm doing.
    And he confirmed that he is on my side. He said, "If you need anything, if anyone gives you any sh*t, if you want to talk to someone, I'm here."
    So I said, "There is one thing..." And I explained that, in January, when I will be full-time male after the HR systems and the IT systems have been changed, and my new name is there for all to see, I fully intend to use the male toilets from day one. He said, "And so you should!" But I explained that, because I haven't ventured in them yet, I don't know the layout and I want to know where the stalls are and where the urinals are so that, when the time comes, I can just walk in and go where I need to go, without looking like I'm lost. And without feeling like an intruder.
    So he took me inside and showed me around
    He said that when I go full-time in January, if I feel I need some backup, especially at the beginning, he'll go to the toilets with me. isn't that nice?
    So far, everyone who knows (and it's not a very long list yet) has been incredibly supportive.
    At work, anyway.
    The only fly in my ointment is my brother. He's still having a hard time with this. He's the only one who has had anything negative to say. I hope that changes soon.