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  1. “One of the world’s most progressive transgender equality laws was passed in Argentina’s parliament and in the UK, a plan for comprehensive changes to ensure equality for trans people was announced. Chile also passed an anti-discrimination based on gender identity law, as did California and Massachusetts. But in Puerto Rico a roll-back of legal protection was proposed.” - Paul Canning

    Transgender and Intersex Rights
  2. UK

    “The proposed system would replace the current ‘gender’ field with one marked ‘sex’, with the stipulation that this be the student’s ‘legal sex’ and only offer two choices, male or female, with no opt-out.
    Alongside this would be the question “Is your gender identity the same as the gender you were originally assigned at birth?” with answer options ‘yes’, ‘no’ or ‘information refused’.” - Jennie Kermode

    Data concerns for trans and intersex students
  3. Nepal Allows LGBT And Intersex Community To Register as "Others"
    Huffington Post
    The Nepalese Home Ministry is now providing citizenship under the "others" category to members of the nation's lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) community, Republica is reporting. A spokesperson at the Nepalese Home Ministry...
  4. February 9th 2015 Aron Macarow • @aronmoshe_m
    "Facebook was able to acknowledge the need for alternate gender choices, giving users 50 new gender options in 2014. Non-binary, trans, and intersex Americans are still waiting for the US government to recognize the complexity of gender identity, however, and will likely continue to wait." --

    These Seven Countries are Way Ahead of the US on Trans Issues
  5. The Spectrum of Transgenderism

    As gender identity continues to be researched and theorized, the field is becoming increasingly complicated. Even with something as simple as sex, research into that field, even research limited to human sex, turns up complicated answers. Being transgender does not immediately impart perfect knowledge of the spectrum, and sex spectrums are still confused for gender spectrums, even within the transgender and intersex community. Hopefully this short guide will prove useful for how we should address one another.

    Cisgender - a person who identifies with the gender associated with their birth sex (males to boys and females to girls)

    Transgender - a person who does not identify with the gender that is associated with their birth sex

    Ambigender - a person who identifies with both major genders, including moderate biases. This includes cross-dressers and club kids.

    Androgender - a person who identifies with neither gender

    Transsexual - a person who wishes their body to match their gender identity; this includes those who have had or are seeking sexual reassignment surgery.

    Intersex - a person who's sex organs and/or chromosomal sex do not fight the definition of male or female. This includes hermaphrodites.

    Let me know if I left anybody out.

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