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  1. Blog of Elliot Gassenberg

    “Recently, I took part in the World LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer) Youth Leaders Summit in Tel Aviv. Wahoo! Yes, my friends, the very same controversial and not-so-controversial summit you just may have read about on the news and/or Facebook. The event was hosted by IGY (Israel Gay Youth). There were over forty participants from around the world, including the USA, Chile, Iceland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, South Africa, Mongolia, India, Singapore and Mayalsia, just to name a few. There were also a handful of Israelis, and an Iranian queer refugee who now lives in Canada. I came as a volunteer at Hoshen (Education & Change: The Educational Center of the LGBT Community in Israel) and as a general young queer leader/activist. Yay activists!” - Elliot Glassenberg

    Queers’ Visit to the Holy Land
  2. “I believe that the concept of emancipation doesn’t begin and end with gaining freedom from physical bondage. There is another deeper layer to this word; a person is truly emancipated when she can think, believe, speak and act without any influence or constraint. I cling to Islam to shape my emancipation—my liberation from my gender and my transcendence into a state of complete submission God.” - Katherine Wilson

    Emancipating gender
  3. New Jersey

    “Too often, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) young people think that they must choose to be queer or to be a person of faith. Through the web and film, Our Spirit is helping young people reconcile their faith with their sexuality, helping them understand that the two need not be mutually exclusive. Our Spirit was founded about a year ago as a web resource for youth who are hurt and confused by so-called "traditional" religious teachings about homosexuality.” - Toby Grace

    "Our Spirit" helps LGBT youth
  4. Black church reaches out to gay, transgender teens

    “It’s a big risk they are taking in the black community,’’ said Joseph, an 18-year-old African-American college student who is gay. “There’s already enough stigma in the church. But this is a church that is accepting of all races and sexual orientations.’’

    "Union United Methodist leaders say the Youth Space drop-in center is an extension of their open and affirming mission to follow the teachings of Christ and serve all people, including those in the margins of society and those who have been disenfranchised..."

    Read the news article: Black church reaches out to gay, transgender teens
  5. Transgender Writer Challenges Pat Robertson on Gays
    Opposing Views
    There are millions of children today listening to these religious leaders speak hate but feeling special on the inside and hating themselves for these feelings especially transgender youth. I speak to all transgender youth that there is nothing wrong...
  6. Transgender Deacon Shares Life Changing Story
    CBS Local
    In fact, there are only a handful of Episcopalian clergy members that aretransgendered in the world. Reverend Carolyn Woodall's story, the deacon at Jamestown Church, began one dark night when she contemplated taking her life. In the Spring season...
  7. Trinity Christian Church openly accepts gay, lesbian bisexual and transgender believers
    Oklahoma Daily
    The congregation of Trinity Christian Church in Edmond has unanimously decided to join a handful of churches in Oklahoma that openly accept gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender believers. The church, part of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)...
  8. United Methodist Transsexual Minister: “Won't You Be My Neighbor?”

    United Methodist Layperson Giselle Lawn and Pastor David Weekley spoke Wednesday about their experience as transsexual persons...

    This is what one good pastor says to do with your gay (and transgender) children to "straighten" them out. This bible thumping bigot is from North Carolina, where they just amended their state constitution to incorporate bigotry. ~ Lori

  10. Using the Bible to discriminate
    Emporia Gazette
    Some people who call themselves Christians cite the Bible as their reason for discriminating against gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transsexual persons...
  11. Transgender pastor to tell his story Sunday
    Statesman Journal
    Retired Methodist Bishop Cal McConnell said, “Questions about whether a transgender pastor can have a successful ministry have been resoundly answered in the affirmative in this story of three decades of effective and inspiring pastoral ministry...
  12. Transgender Jesus and LGBT Apostles Enrage Serbians
    A transgender or cross-dressing Jesus, surrounded by other LGBT apostles, is enough to rile many of the devout. That the photograph in question is a recreation of Leonardo Da Vinci's masterpiece The Last Supper has caused so much furor that its display...
  13. The New Values Voters: Gay and Transgender Issues
    Center For American Progress
    For the past several election cycles, conservatives have energized their voting base by parroting a list of “values issues” that included opposition to gay and transgender people, with a particular focus on opposition to marriage equality...

  14. The Black Church is accepting LGBT people as congregations, pastors talk

    "Prevailing wisdom has it that the Black church is overwhelmingly negative on issues of justice for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people. My experience three years ago organizing 200 clergy in Washington, D.C. who supported marriage equality contradicts this" ...
  15. Posted: 01/04/2013 10:06 am EST
    "“I seemed to need to pass through a certain kind of fear before I could embrace a fuller vocation to contribute to conversations on trans and wider LGBT equality in and outside ecclesial contexts, as well as to explore these themes in academic contexts.”" --Cameron Partridge (

    Cameron Partridge, Transgender Episcopal Priest And University Chaplain, On Crossing Boundaries

    See related:
  16. Young monks struggle with gender issues
    Though the faith's teachings transcend issues of sexual identity, the monkhood in Thailand is struggling to accept or even come to terms with the truth about the gay and transgender men within its ranks...
  17. Read what this Christian pastor promises to do if his children are gay

    A Christian pastor in North Carolina has been amazed by the reaction to one of his recent blog postings, in which he wrote about what his reaction would be if any of his children grew up and told him that they were gay... read the article

    We post so many topics about the ignorant rantings of bigots. Sometimes it's nice to hear a well thought-out message from a more rational being.
    ~ Lori