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  1. "D.C. police on Nov. 26 arrested a 19-year-old male resident of a group home for abused and neglected youth for allegedly sexually assaulting a transgender woman of the same age who also lived in the home."

    Read the article: Trans woman reports rape in D.C. shelter
  2. India's IBNLive website's news title was "Transgender succumbs to injuries"

    As if the victim were nothing more than "a transgender." This seems a very offensive article starting with the title and continuing through the body of the article. This may be one of the shortest articles you'll ever see reporting on a murder case.

    BANGALORE -- "A transgender who was allegedly stabbed on October 20, succumbed to injuries at Victoria Hospital in the city. The deceased has been identified as Naveena alias Preethi (32). Abdul Farish, in an attempt to have an intercourse with Naveena, had invited Naveena to his room..."

    Read the article: Transgender succumbs to injuries
  3. "Khloe Kardashian is being sued by a transgender woman, who claims the reality TV star violently attacked her outside a Hollywood nightclub almost two years ago. TMZ reports Chantal Spears, formerly known as Ronald Spears, filed a lawsuit alleging that The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star struck her “in and about her body” outside the Playhouse nightclub on Hollywood Blvd. on Dec. 5, 2009."

    Read the article: Khloe Kardashian is being sued for allegedly assaulting a transgender woman
  4. Minneapolis, MN -- "[Chrishaun "CeCe"] McDonald was verbally assaulted with racial slurs, sexual harassment, and trans-phobic and sexist attacks. She was hit in the face with a glass beer mug, and a larger scuffle ensued... One of her attackers ended up dead. McDonald was taken to jail, where she was placed in solitary confinement. She has been charged with second-degree murder; the prosecutor added another murder charge after she refused to take a plea deal to the first charge."

    Read the article: Transgender people among most misunderstood: Local violence reflects climate of ‘transphobia’
  5. UK -- "Ben Matthew Firth harassed and then assaulted transsexual Samantha Marks in a library in Hull.
    Frith had initially targeted Ms Marks at the city's central library in July, shouting "hiya boy" and making other abusive remarks...At the time of the attack he was on licence for an earlier hate crime in which he had verbally abused a black woman who was shopping in the city...."

    Read the article: Transsexual assaulter is jailed
  6. The ACLU has filed suit. A transgender woman "was being held at the Eloy Detention Center where she was seeking asylum. The facility is owned by the Corrections Corporation of America..."

    Court records show the guard was charged with attempted unlawful sexual contact and he was sentenced to two days time served.

    "On one occasion, a detention officer told other detainees that they could “have her" if they gave him three soup packets," according to court papers."

    Read the News Article -- ACLU: Transgender Inmate Assaulted In Federal Custody
  7. AUSTRALIA -- "A MOTHER-of-two has lodged an appeal after she was jailed yesterday for her part in an unprovoked attack on a disabled transgender woman. Christie Keighran, 22, was sentenced to six months in prison over an assault on wheelchair-bound Donna Macklan."

    "Ms Macklan said she was too afraid to attend court for the sentencing."

    “I’m at home scared,” Ms Macklan said.

    “I lost all my confidence ... I am a shattered person.”

    Read the news article: Transgender attacker appeals jail sentence
  8. UK -- "A successful human rights lawyer who lived as a woman outside work was pushed under a Tube train by a preoperative transsexual whom he had befriended, a court heard... Senthooran Kanagasingham, 35, known as Nina, went on trial yesterday charged with his murder..."

    Read the article: Lawyer who died under train lived as a woman
  9. Baltimore, MD -- "Northern District police plan to use everything from stings to warning letters to stop what they say is a persistent problem of transgender prostitution in south Charles Village... Tapp Harper cited 42 arrests this year for prostitution in general, but said she couldn't immediately provide a breakdown of how many involved transgenders..."

    Read the news article: Police trying to curb trangender prostitution

    It is no big surprise that marginalized transgender people feel they have to resort to prostitution or criminal activities just to survive. I'd like to say I'd never do that, but desperation triggers a strong survival instinct and people in that mode do things they wouldn't otherwise do. Fortunately, I've never found myself having to make that decision. Many of us have. ~ Lori
  10. This news story shows that we need to a positive force in our community. It does matter if one of us fail all fail the eyes of the general public our upon us all.

    Trans teenager pleads guilty to £2,500 Katie Price identity theft
  11. Cambridge

    “The woman who claims she was raped by transsexual Clare Lawton, 43, and Peter Steel, 38, began giving evidence at the trial of the pair, who are also accused of false imprisonment, robbery and aggravated burglary.” - Ruth Norris

    'hired killers' raped terrified woman

    I considered not posting this as I find the concept of a MtoF transsexual raping a woman to be a hard one to accept ... but when I think of any person raping another I am both disgusted and left shaking my head, I reject the presence of a civilized being when one has the capacity to force themselves on another. This is a characteristic of an animal. ~ Beth
  12. Hunt for the man in the black bikini

    Sydney Morning Herald

    A man wearing a black bikini, purple skirt and high heels allegedly indecently assaulted a teenage boy on a Sydney train, police say. The boy, 17, and a friend were on a train from Newtown to Redfern about 6pm yesterday when the man allegedly made ...

    Well, here's something you don't see every day. A cross dressed assailant... obviously not a member of TGGuide. Probably a member of one of our competitors.

    If you ever go out in public wearing a black bikini while intoxicated only bad things are likely to happen. ~ Lori
  13. He was a she. But a killer?
    Sydney Morning Herald
    The case of a transgender husband convicted of murdering his wife had 1920s Sydney society in thrall, writes Tim Barlass. BY ALL accounts, Annie Birkett died a horrible death. Her charred body was found in open land near a flour mill in Chatswood, ...
  14. Italy: Transgender Woman Survives Valentine's Day Beating
    By Michelle Garcia A 22-year-old transgender woman is in critical condition after being brutally beaten in Catania, Italy outside of a pub on Valentine's Day. Michelle Santamaria was attacked by about a dozen young people while she was dancing, ...
  15. Parolee facing new charges
    ABC Online
    Donna Lee Casagrande was jailed for a minimum of 10 years for the manslaughter of transsexual truck driver Joanne Lillecrapp, 53, formerly John Lillecrap. Casagrande's co-accused Nicole Therese McGuiness is serving a non-parole term of 18 years after ...
  16. Transgender con artist posed as both sexes to get loans
    The Sun
    By STAFF REPORTER A TRANSGENDER con artist made thousands of pounds by posing as both men and women to obtain loans and credit cards. Frances Harris, 71 — who was born Frederick but now lives as a woman — obtained a £15000 loan in 2003 by pretending ...
  17. The Inseparable Link Between Discrimination, Economic Injustice and Anti-Transgender Violence
    Huffington Post (blog)
    Regardless, she was one of too many transgender women violently killed. Funerals are always hard. Funerals for someone murdered are a whole level of different. Anger. Fear. Disbelief. Did I mention anger? Anger that it's not an isolated incident.
  18. Transsexual guilty in cooked dog case
    National NZ Herald News
    Transsexual Annabell Quor is likely to be fined for leaving her dog to die of heat stroke when she appears in court today...

    This is a terrible story but come on... look at the sensationalized title to the article. "TRANSSEXUAL," "cooked dog" -- wow, these transsexuals must all be monsters!

    The accused is 75 years old, apparently has had 2 strokes and the dog was left in a car. I'm not saying that's not a horrible thing to happen. It is. It was an awful accident and yes, the suspect may have been negligent. But couldn't the writer hide their bias and temper the sensationalism just a little bit? This is yet another example of unprofessional journalism. ~ Lori
  19. Murder trial begins in patient death
    The Baltimore Sun

    The strangulation of a patient at Clifton T. Perkins psychiatric hospital was not a botched murder-suicide pact as the suspect in the killing claimed, but the murder of a struggling woman in her bed by another patient who was her friend, Howard County prosecutors said Monday...

    Wow, here's a story that doesn't mention the fact that (apparently) both the suspect and victim are transgendered. ~ Lori

    In a different story the transgender connection is mentioned.
  20. Transgender Activists Wait For MPD Response After Bias Allegations
    Transgender activists are still waiting to hear whether MPD is going to look into their claims that police officers have a bias against transgender people. The US Justice Department is investigating allegations that DC's police department is violating ...
  21. Butt op woman linked to Hoxton student's death arrested in America
    Hackney Gazette
    Atranssexualsinger accused of injecting silicone into the bottom of a Hackney woman who later died, was arrested in the States yesterday (Thursday) in connection with another botched operation.
  22. Man charged with killing grandma goes on trial for strangling transgender sex partner
    New York Daily News
    By Oren Yaniv / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Larry Davis is accused of killing a transgender prostitute in 2010-- and of murdering his grandmother the following year. Prosecutors say he had sex with a woman while his grandmother's body rotted in a closet.
  23. Transsexual allegedly stabbed three times by Indian Tourist
    Transsexual allegedly stabbed three times by Indian Tourist A transsexual was stabbed three times in her back and left buttock following a sexual encounter with ...
  24. Transsexual Woman Sentenced To State Prison For Crime Committed As A Man
    CBS Local
    LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A transsexual woman was sentenced Friday to 11 years to life in state prison for a crime she committed as a man nearly two years ago. Andre Torres, 40, was found guilty Feb. 15 of attempted murder after reportedly plunging a ...
  25. Transgender performer sentenced to 14 years for pimping teen
    WSB Atlanta
    A transgender performer will spend at least the next 14 years behind bars after pleading guilty to child exploitation this afternoon. Channel 2's Tony Thomas was in court Wednesday, where Lynch broke down in tears.