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  1. Recently inside Canada there had been 3 unfortunate victim's murdered by single man called Bruce McArthur.  I attended the vigil ceremony in Toronto. But that's not the only vigil held. Because it was organized by Transgender community it was more particularly importance to like-minded individuals of the transgender community.
    Watch link
  2. is now operating Transgender News Channel on Facebook, posting the latest breaking news affecting the worldwide transgender community. Please give us a like. Your feedback will be appreciated. 
  3. Two of my girlfriends and I went out to go dancing and let our hair fly on Saturday night. It was great, we arrived to the club and were welcomed with open arms. Guys were buying us drinks and we danced our asses off. 
    When it was time to leave we had a 6 block hike in our 6 inch heels to the parking lot, but some young kids decided to harass us while walking to our safe zone.
    One of my girlfriends, who will remain nameless, was assaulted one time by a man who continuously called her a freak while she was walking alone to her car after work a few years back. 
    Because of that terrible attack we walk in numbers — ALWAYS. When being harassed by these punks I took a photo of their license plate causing them to stop in the middle of the road threatening to run me over with the car.
    Here's where the story elevates; as they made the threat two deputies were coming out of a diner and heard the words spewing from the mouths of these thugs. It only took them seconds to react and the trio were taken into custody. 
    The deputies said it didn't matter that we were CD/TG, we were people who needed help and that's what they do.
    I love the Emerald City.
    The moral of the story is simple: Walk in numbers and don't be afraid to ask for help.  
  4. By Erica Elizabeth Ravenwood PUBLISHED: FRIDAY, AUGUST 12, 2016 AT 12:44 AM EDITOR: What I’m going to talk about right now is the need for school policy that better protect our children. In order to make my point I need to share with you my own rather horrific childhood.
    I started being bullied at 7 years old. Called gay slurs because for me being a girl equaled gay in the boys’ eyes and gay was deserving of being beaten. I know for a fact that at 7 years old I had no sexuality, but because I grew up prior to the Internet, the term “transgender” didn’t exist as it does now. So they missed out on beating me up for that reason.
    My first tooth lost was a tooth knocked out, and by fourth grade I had no more baby teeth. I never said a word to my parents about why. My parents loved me, but my dad was angry about the gay movement that started in 1969 and was hitting its stride in the ‘70s when I was going through school. How could I have told my parents that I’m a girl when girl equals gay and gay is deserving to be beaten? I keep it all a secret because I didn’t know what else to do.
    I was afraid to go to school. I was afraid to use the restroom during lunch or recess because on the couple of occasions I did, I was beaten up. Instead, I would time my asking in class so that the teacher might not tell me I couldn’t go, and I could use the restroom hoping no boy was in there. Or I faked illness so I could use the single-person restroom in the nurses office. On two occasions during elementary I had accidents because I couldn’t hold my bowel movement before I could get home, and had to deal with the ridicule the rest of the way by a group of kids.
    By 9 years old I was suicidal. Death seemed preferable to life and my first way of trying to die was to try to catch pneumonia because I heard it could kill you. I would wet my head after everyone had gone to sleep and stand outside in only my underwear in the winter. I never caught pneumonia. I caught bronchitis instead a few times, and for that I was grateful. At least it kept me from going to school.
    In fourth grade I had two extreme injuries. Both inflicted by someone else. By fourth grade all my permanent teeth were trying to come in because I had lost all my baby teeth by then. My two front teeth were permanent. My two front teeth now are both shoved up into my skull. My two front teeth are fake. I had to endure years of painful treatments in a dentist chair, but at that time I had to go to get the pavement cleaned painfully off my gums. I developed an extreme fear of the dentist. To me it only meant pain. The second incident was a concussion so bad it left a goose egg-size bump on my forehead between my eyes. My eyes swollen shut and blackened. The doctor told my mom that if I were hit there again in any way before my skull fully healed, I could have brain damage. I was grateful for that injury. It kept me out of school for almost the rest of the year. It was then my family started referring to me as “accident prone.”
    The policies that I’m proposing are to help keep children safe. Not just the transgender child, but any child that feels unsafe in the places where the teacher can’t see. The teacher can’t protect. This is where extreme bullying occurs. Where those who may stop it can’t see. Will we create a perfect world? No, but that isn’t the intention. It’s to do what is in our power to do to help keep all our children safe. I have some issues that will never be resolved due to how I was treated. I’ll have to endure certain things for the remainder of my life. My fate doesn’t and shouldn’t be the fate of children we can help now when we have it in our power to change certain things so easily. Let’s make this next school year a better school year for all our kids by pressing the school boards to be brave enough to place the children first and hopes for their re-election second. #transgender
    Erica Elizabeth Ravenwood
    These are the policy details I'm proposing. Slightly but significantly different from the LGBT's current stance.
  5. Natalie Whalen | Thu, 2016-10-13 15:22
    ""No one really wants you to die in prison," U.S. District Judge Nancy Freudenthal said. "There's more out there than hanging out in custody.""  --
    Transgender Bank Robber Gets Light Sentence from Sympathetic Judge

    Visit On YouTube Shazy Jeo or check
    By Sebastien Malo
    NEW YORK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Up to 34,000 transgender people in the United States could face problems voting in next month's election because their ID cards do not match their gender, advocacy groups said, urging them to use a postal vote to avoid being turned away at the polls.
    Transgender rights have come under increasing scrutiny in the United States with rows over access to public bathrooms and healthcare dominating media coverage and political discourse in recent months.
    Thousands of transgender people could face obstacles voting in the Nov. 8 presidential election in states with stringent voter ID laws, according to a report by the Williams Institute at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).
    "A transgender voter may show up at the poll with a valid ID, however if they have not been unable to update the gender marker or photo on that ID, a poll worker may be confused and refuse them a ballot," said Arli Christian, spokeswoman for the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE).
    Doubts about gender on an ID is not be a valid reason to deny a ballot, but it has led to transgender voters being turned away from polling stations in the past, campaigners said.
    "It's a shame that a trans person would have to put themselves at risk of scrutiny, harassment, discrimination to exercise something as basic as their right to vote," Christian told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.
    Thirty-four states have passed voter identification laws, according to the Williams Institute, with eight having strict versions requiring the voter show a government ID with photo.
    In a 2011 survey by the National Center for Transgender Equality and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, 40 percent of transgender respondents said they were harassed when they presented an ID that did not match their gender identity.
    Though a "civil rights issue", the problem voter ID laws represent for transgender people have yet to generate the kind of debate raised by other LGBT issues, said Kenneth Sherrill, a political science professor emeritus at Hunter College in New York City.
    The transgender vote represents only a "small fraction" of the U.S. electorate and does not have the potential to significantly alter the election's outcome, he said.
    Jillian Weiss, head of the New York City-based Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund, said absentee voting is "good advice" but "shouldn't have to be necessary".
    "Let's not forget that this is a workaround for the equal protection of the laws that people are otherwise entitled to," said Weiss, whose organization is looking for cases of transgender people being denied the right to vote.
    On Nov. 8, American voters will pick a new president as well as elect members of the U.S. Congress.
    Visit On YouTube Shazy Jeo or check

    I firmly believe with everyday passing transgender laws will get that more difficult.
    Before November 8 election results both candidates running for President I am sure they are heterosexuals straight forward people in promoting straight gender rights so until we get someone like Canada's PM Justin Tridue we will have to wait.
  8. Not much to say here. I just thought that some of you would be interested in this cute little story.
    This is my latest video upload, i talk about what its like being a student in 2016 and what that means for the LGTBI community. I am utterly grateful to be in a more accepting society where i can be a teenager and transition during high school with support and love. Watch the full video here- 
    Let me know what you think and PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, it means the world to me. 
    3251 3rd Ave. North, Ste. 125
    St. Petersburg, FL 33713
  11. Metro Wellness & Community Centers
    St. Petersburg, Florida -
    This is a really helpful and supportive center with all kinds of information and events for people in St. Petersburg and Tampa areas.
    The Metro Wellness Center....

    and.... the LGBT Welcome Center located nearby and is directly networked with the Wellness Center

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  13. The University of Pennsylvania has approved health-insurance coverage for students who want sex-change surgeries and related treatments, officials said Wednesday.

    Penn president Amy Gutmann recently approved the coverage, which the Student Health Insurance Advisory Committee had recommended, university spokesman Ron Ozio said.

    The benefit applies to students who participate in the Penn Student Insurance Plan, which is available to students who do not have health coverage through their families or other means.

    All Penn students must have some form of health insurance. About 8,000 to 9,000 of Penn's more than 20,000 students annually buy the school insurance, Ozio said.

    The transgender coverage will be available this fall.

    The coverage for surgery is capped at $50,000, Ozio said. The benefit also would pay for psychotherapy and hormonal treatments that go with the surgery.

    Ozio said the premium increase for students would be small because very few - if any - students would likely take advantage of the coverage.

    "It's going to end up being a few cents [more] per student," said Dennie Zastrow, 22, a senior and former board chairman of Lambda Alliance, which advocates for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender students at Penn.

    Zastrow said students who had the school insurance - largely graduate students - paid about $2,000 a year for coverage.

    He said he had pushed for the insurance benefit to bring more attention to the needs of the transgender community. He added that the coverage would bring the health benefits in line with the university's nondiscrimination policy.

    The university's policy is to not discriminate based on "gender identity," Ozio said.

    Bob Schoenberg, director of the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Center at Penn, said employees at the university should also have the coverage.

    "Frankly, I think it's only a matter of time," said Schoenberg, a Penn employee. "It's a little bit inequitable to have coverage for students but not for staff."

    Thai airline recruits ladyboy flight attendants
    Last Updated: February 10, 2011 2:01am

    BANGKOK "A new Thai airline is hiring transsexual ladyboys as flight attendants, aiming at a unique identity to set itself apart from competitors as it sets out for the skies...

    PC Air, a charter airline set to start operations on Asian routes in April, originally planned only to hire male and female flight attendants. But it changed its mind after receiving more than 100 job applications from transvestites and transsexuals..."

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  15. "Last summer when Bhumika Shrestha travelled to New York City to represent Nepal at the United Nations, she encountered some special questions during her layover in Doha. Shrestha, who is transgender -- or, in Nepal, third-gender -- presents as an elegant young woman. Her passport and citizenship ID card, however, both list her as a man named Kailash..."

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  16. "The Pakistani transgender community celebrated a huge victory this week as the Supreme Court ordered the federal government to register them as voters."

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  17. "A transgendered doctor offering her services gave one woman the backside of her dreams according to a Miami Herald report, it also nearly killed her... The product in question is a mixture of cement, mineral oil, and super glue according to what police told the Miami paper."
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  18. ScienceDaily — "Aging and health issues facing lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender baby boomers have been largely ignored by services, policies and research. These seniors face higher rates of disability, physical and mental distress and a lack of access to services, according to the first study on aging and health in these communities..."

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  19. NEW DELHI, India -- "At least 13 people at a transgender gathering in New Delhi were killed Sunday in a massive fire, officials said..."

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  20. "Before she joined the force, Peterson, who was born a male, underwent sex reassignment surgery, and though she never made that publicly known at work, she's had pornography left in her mailbox, and endured continual haranguing from some colleagues, she said..."

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  21. "Google announced Friday that it will significantly increase health coverage for its U.S. transgender employees. The company, with its longstanding history of supporting equality, recognizes the need for broad-based coverage that includes all employees regardless of gender identity or expression... This extraordinary move, effective immediately, more than doubles transgender health care benefits from $35,000 to $75,000, and makes Google a model for corporate responsibility in terms of transgender health care."

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    Google Increases Health Care for Transgender Employees
  22. Washington, DC -- "When metro officers ran Shaw's fingerprints and learned she was previously a man named Melvin Hammond, they allegedly ignored proof of her legal sex change and put her in men's lockup... During about four hours of incarceration, the male inmates allegedly harassed Shaw, asking to see her vagina, breasts and buttocks... In the custody of the U.S. Marshals Service later, she says officers did not accept her answer when they asked for her name. The marshals allegedly wanted Shaw to reply with her "real" name, Melvin, even after she produced a legal ID listing her female name and gender..."

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  23. Brooklyn, NY -- "Discrimination at the hands of a progressive rehabilitation center left a transgender woman in long-term solitary confinement at an all-male supermax prison... Living in an all-male prison population was "hell" because of transphobia and harassment from other inmates and prison staff... Arrested in March 2008 for drug possession, Wilson accepted a plea agreement to enter a treatment program rather than face prison time. An assistant district attorney arranged for her to receive in-patient treatment at Phoenix House, which Wilson chose because it represented itself as gay- and lesbian-friendly."

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  24. UK -- "Certain transsexual people can now apply for equal treatment rights for social security purposes. This could mean getting the State Pension paid early, or having some National Insurance contributions refunded."

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  25. Kelly Osbourne has offered up an apology to the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community after using an "offensive" slur during a recent magazine interview... Osbourne came under fire for using the word "tranny" when opening up about her humiliation after learning her ex-fiance Luke Worrall had cheated on her with Elle Schneider, who is awaiting gender reassignment surgery.

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