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  1. "Acey Mercer, 27. Client advocate, St. Paul's Center, a homeless shelter for women and children in Rensselaer. He holds a master of social work degree from the University at Albany and also works as a therapist with transgender clients at Choices Counseling & Consulting in Albany... "

    "I was always being mistaken for a little boy growing up, even though I was named Stacey and my mom dressed me in pink..."

    Read more: 'I'm as much of a man as anyone'
  2. RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — "A transgender Virginia inmate is appealing the dismissal of her lawsuit... saying a jury should decide whether hormones and other therapies she receives are adequate or whether she should get the surgery..."

    Read the article: Transgender Va. inmate wants sex change operation
  3. Washington, DC -- A District man was sentenced to eight years in prison Tuesday for the September shooting of a transgender woman in Southeast Washington.

    Read the news article: 8 years for D.C. man in shooting of transgender woman
  4. "A Georgia transgender woman has won her appeal that she was illegally fired for planning to make her gender transition. Vandy Beth Glenn had been a legislative editor in the Georgia General Assembly, but her supervisor, now-retired legislative counsel Sewell Brumby, testified that he found the thought of her transition “unsettling,” “unnatural,” and something that others would view as “immoral.” An 11th Circuit panel ruled that her termination constituted sex discrimination and the decision could have a far-reaching impact on protecting the rights of transgender people"

    Read the news article: 11th Circuit: Transgender Discrimination Is Sex-Based Discrimination
  5. "In an atmosphere of increasingly aggressive, militaristic tactics by police against American citizens, the brutal treatment of transgender people by law enforcement exposes the intensity of hatred in society against an entire class of people -- and how ramped up police actions are playing out against them."

    Read the news article: Escalating Police Violence and Transgender People
  6. "A California transgender woman is reportedly planning a civil lawsuit after allegedly being tased in the abdomen and in the genital area by officials... Only when the ranger saw Brooke’s identification card did the hostile interaction begin, according to the report..."

    Read the news article with video: Brooke Fantelli, California Transgender Woman, Allegedly Tased In The Crotch By Imperial County Desert Rangers (VIDEO)
  7. Scotland -- A coalition of organisations backing proposals to allow gay and transsexual people to marry has presented an 18,000 strong petition to Holyrood Parliamentarians.

    Read the article: Same sex marriage campaigners hand in 18,000 strong petition to Holyrood
  8. "He [President Obama] said he has been "deeply concerned" by violence and discrimination targeting LGBT persons. He cited foreign laws criminalizing LGBT status, the beating of LGBT citizens for joining peaceful celebrations, and the killing of men, women and children for their perceived sexual orientation."

    Read the article: Obama Elevates Gay Rights as a Foreign Policy Priority

    In a related news article that appeared in the New York Times;

    "In a memorandum issued by President Obama in Washington and in a speech by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton here, the administration vowed to actively combat efforts by other nations that criminalize homosexual conduct, abuse gay men, lesbians, bisexuals or transgendered people, or ignore abuse against them."

    Read the article: U.S. to Aid Gay Rights Abroad, Obama and Clinton Say
  9. "Her name is Brooke, and she is something of a minority in the New York Fire Department, which is rather male-dominated. Then again, it is not as if this is not part of her family’s heritage. She is a third generation firefighter, so, given that the force is 91% male, she is definitely rare. What makes her even more rare is the fact that Brooke use to be male. She is the first transsexual member of the NYFD..."

    Read the article: Trans Woman Makes History At New York Fire Department
  10. "Casino operators Caesars Entertainment Corp., MGM Resorts International and Wynn Resorts Ltd. scored high Thursday in a ranking of companies for their support of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) equality..."

    Read the article: Casino owners rank high on support for gay, transgender rights
  11. "JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM), Bank of America Corp. (BAC) and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS) are among 22 financial firms that received top marks today as the best workplaces for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees... The three banks were among 207 U.S. companies that offer health insurance covering medical services for transgender employees seeking sexual reassignment..."

    Read the news article: JPMorgan, Goldman Rank as Best Employers for Gays, Lesbians (and Transgendered)
  12. UK -- "Transsexual reveals how he’s spent £200,000 in 12 years transforming himself into a real-life Barbie… thanks to a few rich boyfriends... A transsexual spent £200,000 in 12 years transforming himself from a fresh-faced boy into a real life Barbie doll..."

    Read the article: Transsexual reveals how he’s spent £200,000 in 12 years transforming himself into a real-life Barbie

    Admin Note: I only report this stuff folks. I can't be held accountable for the horrible examples of journalism.
  13. UK -- Lynne Featherstone, the equalities minister, unveiled measures to tackle transgender prejudice including bullying in schools. Murderers who kill disabled or transgender people in hate crimes are to face much longer prison sentences under government proposals..."

    Read the article: Transgender and disabled murders to incur far harsher hate-crime penalty
  14. "With no federal non-discrimination law and limited state protections, the Human Rights Campaign Foundation's Corporate Equality Index (CEI) has helped transform the American workplace for the better over the past 10 years. Released today, the 2012 CEI chronicles the remarkable advances that have taken place on behalf of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality (LGBT) in the workplace since 2002..."

    Read the article: HRC's Corporate Equality Index Is Transforming American Workplaces
  15. OTTAWA - Anyone who's had a sex-change operation - or just feels neither fully male nor fully female - has a special option available if pulled aside for a strip search by a border services officer (BSO).

    QMI Agency has learned the Canada Border Services Agency issued a directive in August telling officers that transsexual and intersexed individuals can choose whether a man or a woman will search them.

    Read the article: Special rules for transsexual strip searches

    Yikes! Fortunately, I've never been pulled aside for a strip search. Seems awfully invasive for suspected acts.
  16. "A transgender server is suing Midway Airport's food service company for wrongful termination and employment discrimination... Hamed Khan, a former server at Harry Caray's Seventh Inning Stretch, alleges that supervisors ignored transphobic taunts, subjected Khan to unfair treatment and then terminated Khan for calling attention to the discrimination..."

    Read the article: Transgender server suing Midway in employment case
  17. "In November 2011 St Petersburg shocked the world. The legislative assembly approved, in its first reading, a bill which outlawed the promotion of homosexuality, transsexuality and paedophilia to minors... The bill that was proposed in St Petersburg sets administrative fines for the propaganda of homosexuality, transsexuality and paedophilia but it does not explain what "propaganda" actually means..."

    Read the article: This Russian anti-gay (and transgender) bill is nothing short of medieval barbarity

    Shocking how out-of-touch with reality these lawmakers are, and how misinformed some people still are in this 21st century.
  18. Lucknow, India -- "There is nothing new in transgenders fighting elections these days but in a first, a political party has now decided to field 50 candidates from this marginalised and stigmatised community in the upcoming assembly polls in Uttar Pradesh. Not only this, the little-known Rashtriya Viklang Party (RVP) has projected an eunuch as the chief ministerial candidate..."

    Read the news article: Party names transgender as CM candidate, to field 50 eunuchs
  19. "A Pennsylvania township's decision to pass an ordinance to prevent discrimination based on sexual orientation has been hailed as a victory for the area's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community, but some have expressed concern..."

    Read the article (with video): Pennsylvania Township's LGBT Rights Ordinance Concerns Residents Over Transgender Use Of Restrooms (VIDEO)
  20. "This academic year alone, USC has seen a tenfold increase in the number of transgender students. Other universities nationwide—from the University of Pennsylvania to Stanford University—have observed a similar trend.

    As a result, a growing number of campuses have begun accommodating their transgender student population in the last few years. They've added gender identity to nondiscrimination policies, offered gender-neutral housing options, built more gender-neutral restrooms and broadened student health insurance plans to cover hormone therapy and transitional surgeries..."

    Read the article: USC Falls Behind Top Competitors in Accommodating Transgender Students
  21. UK -- "A successful human rights lawyer who lived as a woman outside work was pushed under a Tube train by a preoperative transsexual whom he had befriended, a court heard... Senthooran Kanagasingham, 35, known as Nina, went on trial yesterday charged with his murder..."

    Read the article: Lawyer who died under train lived as a woman
  22. "When Vandiver Elizabeth Glenn was fired from a state job in Georgia, she filed a lawsuit saying that she had been discriminated against for being transgender... a powerful federal court ruled last week that Glenn’s firing violated the U.S. Constitution. There was also a second major piece of transgender news last week: a new study shows that a growing number of major American companies are paying for their employees’ gender reassignment surgery. Taken together, the ruling and the study are strong indications that transgender rights are starting to enter the mainstream..."

    Read the article: Transgender People: The Next Frontier in Civil Rights
  23. (CNN) -- "Computer networks can't feel or understand jokes, but software engineers have hardwired some compassion. Mechanisms in place in Facebook's system and in Google's search engine can look for suicidal messages and direct people to help..."

    Read the article: Facebook, Google refer suicidal people to help lines
  24. Baltimore, MD -- "Northern District police plan to use everything from stings to warning letters to stop what they say is a persistent problem of transgender prostitution in south Charles Village... Tapp Harper cited 42 arrests this year for prostitution in general, but said she couldn't immediately provide a breakdown of how many involved transgenders..."

    Read the news article: Police trying to curb trangender prostitution

    It is no big surprise that marginalized transgender people feel they have to resort to prostitution or criminal activities just to survive. I'd like to say I'd never do that, but desperation triggers a strong survival instinct and people in that mode do things they wouldn't otherwise do. Fortunately, I've never found myself having to make that decision. Many of us have. ~ Lori
  25. Janet Mock, a writer, speaker and trans activist contributed an article to Huffington Post. She tells the story that I can certainly relate to... that of dating when they don't know you're transgender. I've been in that extremely uncomfortable position more times than I care to recall. Anyway, the article is well written and just awesome. ~ Lori

    "Being trans, I've grown up with the understanding that most women are born girls, yet some are born boys. And most men are born boys, yet some are born girls. And if you're ready for this, some people are born girls or boys and choose to identify outside our society's binary system, making them genderqueer."

    "I have something to tell you," I remember saying."

    "How do I say this? I asked myself."

    "OK, let me just say it: I was born a boy."

    Read the article for Aaron's response: It Happened to Me: I Told My Boyfriend I Was Born a Boy