1. EricaRavenwood

    A quote from my website: "I will accept no money for anything I do surrounding this topic." and I haven't, even though it's been offered several times. Too many have taken advantage of the pain and fear transgender people feel. Everything I do is out of pocket and everything I've created is given freely. That's why there are no advertisements on my site.
  2. EricaRavenwood

    The reason I never seek transgender groups is because my bedside manner sucks. Those groups are looking for support and commiseration. Which they need. I'm just not good at it. I can analyze and diagnose but my bedside manner sucks.

  3. Dawn13

    Today my wife helped me purchase two bras.  She has told me she really has noticed my expanding breasts and that I really need a bra now. My breasts are now almost a C cup and I am needing support.  What a change from three years ago when I was barely an A.  Something about hormone changes as I have aged and that I have taken a few hormone products to actually reverse this, and just the opposite has occurred.  I am actually happy that I have girls on my chest now.  Something else has been occurring even though I have been trying to workout a lot, my muscles are now softer and smaller than they used to be.  Lately I have been asking for help from even girls to lift things, as I am now feel weaker; defiantly age and my overall genetics are playing their part in this. I was always told I had beautiful legs, now the muscle appears to be less; they really look like girls legs.  Just yesterday a gate guard called me mam. "Have a good day Mam."  My long hair, thin body and earrings I am sure contributed to this; I just said "thank you" and enjoyed the mixed gender characterization of my body. Dawn

    1. Dawn13

      My wife just helped me try on some bras that she was considering giving away.  My breasts fitted in them. I can wear them now.  As I have gotten larger breasts she is actually getting smaller ones.  Whow!  Dawn

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    2. Dawn13

      I was taking a testosterone booster as my T was very low. My wife wanted me to stay overall masculine in appearance.  However, it appears that my body is now converting most of the supplement into estrogen and my E level is now quite high.  The medication disclaimer does say it can work in reverse for some people.

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  4. EricaRavenwood


  5. EricaRavenwood

    Just got home from the Stronger Together meeting that was held at the Livingston County Government Center. I have to say it was an amazing experience. 50 or so people in a room for two hours ready to stop complaining and get up and do something. Lots of ideas. Lots of action plans and I made some fantastic contacts so I can start working on real things (that have been on my agenda) as soon I get up in the morning. Right now though I'm exhausted, so I'm getting in my jammies and finding something to curl up and watch.

    Oh I should probably eat too. I don't think I've eaten yet today.

  6. EricaRavenwood

    I started getting into sculpting a couple months ago. I find working with the soft clay very therapeutic. I've done two large scale statues. Well still working on the second one but did my funky Edgar Allan Poe today, The other is based on a drawing I did call Stoner Toad. He was finished New Years Eve night.




  7. EricaRavenwood

    The picture you see here is in fact me. Three Halloweens ago I was the Wicked Witch for the kids. I did some artistic things with shots taken of me is all. I was at one point Alice this year and did a series of Alice in Wonderland related art works. Do they represent my daily look? No. But is internet a true reflection of reality? No.

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    3. EricaRavenwood

      Of course it's kinda stupid that I'm referencing a picture that will more than likely change. Variety is the spice of life and variety is the spice of me.

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  8. KarenPayne

    Penectomy Yeek, why oh why would someone elect to do one at 20 years old.

  9. Diana13377

    Hi everyone I am new here and just wanted to say hi

  10. KarenPayne


    1. KarenPayne

      Microsoft has selected me to speak about woman in technology next month at Microsoft in Washington state. They are aware of my transition yet never mention this, they simply see me as a female. 

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  11. KarenPayne

    Happy to say Microsoft has awarded me their MVP award for the third year running yesterday. Out of millions there are less than 4,000 selected each year.

    Microsoft holds a summit for five days in November for the MVP program where they pay for everything except what it cost to get there. So I will be off to the summit in just under one month in Washington State, just a three hour drive in my lovely Miata.


  12. JenniferMurphy

    Hi Girls, I am now living in Sarasota, Florida permanently.  Very single and looking to meet girls for socializing and companionship.


    Hugs, Jen

  13. KarenPayne

    Currently waiting for the person I'm assisting to come out of surgery in about three hours, it's been four hours since she went into the OR. 

    1. Ronnie Virga

      Hope all went well for you Kiddo! :) 

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    2. KarenPayne

      They ended up being in the OR for almost ten hours.

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  14. Lexi » UsernameOptional

    I keep trying to upload a profile photo, and... it always, always says... "file size too large"  ???   What is the limitation? How can I tell?  What can I do, if anything, to reduce the file size, so that I can put... something... anything in the profile photo spot.

    Please help... you were so helpful before... and quick, too.

    Thanks... LexiLexi_pink_toes_and_silver_shoes_black_br

    1. Lexi

      See that ? it was easy, and had no problems, but when the profile photo is attempted to upload, it won't


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  15. Michele800226

    When fear takes over because you realized you only human and a tall drink of gorgeous woman.  No it doesn't make me lesser then men, but their equal because I won't be treated like a secondhand human.

  16. JennySilva

    well 2 weeks down and 4 weeks to go before i can get back to my transitioning then i have 2 months and i'll have to stop again for the right hip  YA 

  17. Michele800226

    Not confused, just sorting out my thoughts and that is making me scared that others are going to be caught in the crossfire.

  18. JennySilva

    Wow July the 8th only 4 more days till i have my hip surgery. i like can hardly  wait   "NOT!"  i want to pack a bag grab my dog  and head into the wood's and they will never find me. i hare hospitals. and i surly don't like being cut open and have them messing around inside you never know what they might forget in there. But if i don't do it well walking is nice to be able to do so i guess it time to bite the bullet and get er done the one good thing is six weeks after i will be able to get back to my HRT and transitioning and that's all that matters to me it's been really hard having what i need right there at my finger tips to be happy but cant use them. all i can think about that old saying all good things come to those who wait