1. Guest » Lauren

    hey lauren.. just wanted to say hii:)

    hows everything going for you.

  2. Dawn13 » amie


    Look at my post to your Photo experience Blog. Sub: Suggestions about my bikini shoot. Cheers.

  3. Dawn13 » Bonnie

    Hello Bonnie, I was going to send you a message about second life - Let me know when you can receive mail?

  4. Dawn13

    My last two thoughts.

    Awsome - My wife showed me her biceps today - She has been really working out!

    Wearing new - great fitting - size 10 Jeans today!

  5. Dawn13 » Lori

    Hello Lori, I got your message. Thanks for telling me some of your story. Also, thanks so much for helping me with re-obtaining Jamie's books. I can now enjoy reading them again.

  6. Guest » Dawn13

    ahhh ok ok ill do that... even tho the pic is gonna be nasty.. hopefully ill look back at it and laugh at how big i was..i think im gonna do updates about every 2 weeks on my picks.. really u wont be able to see any difference, but just something to do

  7. Lori » lvrhonda

    Welcome to TGGuide!

  8. Bonnie » Lori

    Hi Lori,

    Thank you very much for your confidence in me. I am not sure how to clear or at least reduce my messages. I will look around to see what I can do.


  9. Guest » Dawn13

    well idk about the swim suit photo.. that would be pretty scary haha. im way too muscular .. and yeah i really hope i start getting some good changes. i mean im decently young so i should get okay results from hrt.... at least i hope:)

  10. Guest » amie

    welcome amie glad you joined

  11. Lori » Bonnie

    Hi Bonnie -- I think you need to clear out some messages. I tried to send you a private message but get a notice that you can't receive messages. Wanted to tell you you're now a moderator in all forums here at TGGuide. Thanks for all you do! Hugs, Lori

  12. Lori » amie

    Welcome to TGGuide!

  13. Lori » Dawn13

    size 10... I'm jealous!

  14. Guest » Dawn13

    okay i found the boxes you were talking about. let me know if you can see my albums now:)

  15. Dawn13 » Lori

    Lori - Hello this is Dawn again - I still have not heard from Jamie. Please help if you can

  16. Annie » Lori

    Hi there! :?D

  17. Lori » Annie

    Dropped by to say hello! :)

  18. Dawn13 » AmazingCKlove


    Welcome to the group. I too have similar feelings and experiences. Please feel free to view my profile and you can know me better. What is the CK? part of your name if you can tell me. Writing from Germany - as the snow is falling outside.

  19. Dawn13 » Lori

    Hello Lori,

    If you have a chance please look at my entry on the Cross Dressing Guide. I had a computer crash and lost Jamie's books only a couple of days after I purchased them. I am wondering if you have a good inside track to how I can contact her. Thanks. Dawn13

  20. Lori » AmazingCKlove

    Welcome to TGGuide!

  21. Lori » Dawn13

    I'm sorry Dawn -- I have been traveling and didn't see your comment about the story. Sure, no problem. I'm happy to have you as a member of our forums. :)

  22. Dawn13 » Lori


    I hope you are having a great day. I have started the story topic. Maybe it will generate some new interests. I know for me it is letting me express some of the feelings I have had all my life. Thanks for what you do.

  23. Lori » Dawn13

    Dropped by to say hello. :)

  24. Dawn13 » Shannon


    Thanks for the information - I went out today and tried on women's jeans. I have concluded that I am a size 10 (Snug fit) or 12 (Loose fit) depending on the cut. I actually bought a pair of Levis and wore them to a movie. I wonder if there is a best jean out there. Form fitting as well as stylish; that most of our friends prefer.

  25. Lori » unrein65

    Welcome to TGGuide