1. EricaRavenwood

    The picture you see here is in fact me. Three Halloweens ago I was the Wicked Witch for the kids. I did some artistic things with shots taken of me is all. I was at one point Alice this year and did a series of Alice in Wonderland related art works. Do they represent my daily look? No. But is internet a true reflection of reality? No.

    1. EricaRavenwood



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    2. EricaRavenwood



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    3. EricaRavenwood

      Of course it's kinda stupid that I'm referencing a picture that will more than likely change. Variety is the spice of life and variety is the spice of me.

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  2. KarenPayne

    Penectomy Yeek, why oh why would someone elect to do one at 20 years old.

  3. Diana13377

    Hi everyone I am new here and just wanted to say hi

  4. KarenPayne


    1. KarenPayne

      Microsoft has selected me to speak about woman in technology next month at Microsoft in Washington state. They are aware of my transition yet never mention this, they simply see me as a female. 

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  5. KarenPayne

    Happy to say Microsoft has awarded me their MVP award for the third year running yesterday. Out of millions there are less than 4,000 selected each year.

    Microsoft holds a summit for five days in November for the MVP program where they pay for everything except what it cost to get there. So I will be off to the summit in just under one month in Washington State, just a three hour drive in my lovely Miata.


  6. JenniferMurphy

    Hi Girls, I am now living in Sarasota, Florida permanently.  Very single and looking to meet girls for socializing and companionship.


    Hugs, Jen

  7. KarenPayne

    Currently waiting for the person I'm assisting to come out of surgery in about three hours, it's been four hours since she went into the OR. 

    1. Ronnie Virga

      Hope all went well for you Kiddo! :) 

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    2. KarenPayne

      They ended up being in the OR for almost ten hours.

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  8. Lexi » UsernameOptional

    I keep trying to upload a profile photo, and... it always, always says... "file size too large"  ???   What is the limitation? How can I tell?  What can I do, if anything, to reduce the file size, so that I can put... something... anything in the profile photo spot.

    Please help... you were so helpful before... and quick, too.

    Thanks... LexiLexi_pink_toes_and_silver_shoes_black_br

    1. Lexi

      See that ? it was easy, and had no problems, but when the profile photo is attempted to upload, it won't


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  9. Michele800226

    When fear takes over because you realized you only human and a tall drink of gorgeous woman.  No it doesn't make me lesser then men, but their equal because I won't be treated like a secondhand human.

  10. JennySilva

    well 2 weeks down and 4 weeks to go before i can get back to my transitioning then i have 2 months and i'll have to stop again for the right hip  YA 

  11. Michele800226

    Not confused, just sorting out my thoughts and that is making me scared that others are going to be caught in the crossfire.

  12. JennySilva

    Wow July the 8th only 4 more days till i have my hip surgery. i like can hardly  wait   "NOT!"  i want to pack a bag grab my dog  and head into the wood's and they will never find me. i hare hospitals. and i surly don't like being cut open and have them messing around inside you never know what they might forget in there. But if i don't do it well walking is nice to be able to do so i guess it time to bite the bullet and get er done the one good thing is six weeks after i will be able to get back to my HRT and transitioning and that's all that matters to me it's been really hard having what i need right there at my finger tips to be happy but cant use them. all i can think about that old saying all good things come to those who wait 

  13. JennySilva

    well im still waiting to get back on my meds. My doctor thought me a curveball and now i getting my left hip replacement  on July 12th and as soon as it heals i'll be getting the right hip done. so it looks like another 4 to 6 months on the side line dreaming of getting back to HRT . at least after all the pre opp appointments i went to i know im in good health and im ready to move on with my transition  

    1. Ronnie Virga

      Jenny, ! :) 

      Very best of luck on the surgery and recovery! ^_^


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    2. JennySilva

      thanks hon im sure it will all go good  it just disappoints me having been right where i want to be with my transition and HRT it has already been over 4 months since i had to stop taking my meds my doctor said i didn't have to stop but advised to. and it looks like it will be another 6 months before i can get back on track

      i don't know how im going to make it that long i was going to come out to the world and go full time on july 30th my birthday i will be 59 . my girlfriend keeps telling me to just go ahead with my plans  but im not sure i wanted to be further along on my HRT by now. 

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  14. EricaRavenwood

    I was allergic to bees when I was a child. On more than one occasion I provoked a bee so it would sting me. What I suffered from the sting was better to me in my child's mind than the abuse I may have faced by going to school.


  15. Dawn13

    Ears just pierced, wearing two small Zirconium ones - Hard to believe I waited 6 decades to get this done - What a feeling of freedom.

    1. Ronnie Virga

      Fabulous. Getting mine done soon too!


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    2. Dawn13

      Thank you - it was a good decision - now the whole world of earrings are now possible - cannot wait until I am healed and can wear larger more feminine ones - any ideas?  Maybe a drop style.  Was just at the stylist today and my hair is now way down my back and colored blond.  Now this with my earrings the change is no longer subtitle rather I now look much more like a woman, even in guys clothes. 

      Other changes - Even my muscles look more like a girls.  Just had a physical two days ago and apparently my T level is way down, way below normal.  My natural estrogen level also appears to be up likely above normal.  Wondered why I was feeling fatigued lately and appearing to lose some muscle.

      ear 2.jpg


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  16. JennySilva

    only 12 more says and ill be back on my meds it seems like it's bee 3 years not 3 months the knee is doing great all i need to do is dee when the doctor plans on mt hips

  17. BenFriday

    Ugh! i got attacked by chiggers at the beach last weekend! and now I have a cold!

    1. Ronnie Virga


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    1. Ronnie Virga

      You all look great and very happy.

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  18. EricaRavenwood

    Keeping the sun off my lily white skin.

    AMBI0004 (1).JPG

    AMBI0002 (1).JPG

    1. Ronnie Virga

      Weird. I posted about using my shadow to observe my gate when walking. Then I saw this! :D

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  19. JennySilva

     last night was one of those night when i just couldn't sleep my mind was racing about all that's has changed in the last year and what next year might bring. i started my transition and HRT just about a year ago everything started slow but i like how it's going now. I have i GF we have been together for 20 years and has supported me all the way and knew what i wanted. But now things are changing in my life and we haven.t done very good in our relationship  do now is disagree on just about every thing and she doesn't seem to like where my life is heading . and forget about sex she wants nothing to do with me now that im transitioning. i have waited to long and been though so much to get where i am today im not going to give up or stopping now. Beside  all that my wants and desires have changed a lot lately i find myself dreaming that someday i would find the right guy that will treat me right and i can trust to explore my new sexual feelings with.Someone that  will be there for me as much as i would be there for him. Well last night i was laying there try to sleep but all i could think about was meeting that  right guy I don't chat much but something made me go on the next thing i knew I was in a IM with a guy we just seemed to hit it off right away. The next thing i knew i had been  chatting with this guy for over 2 hours and by the time we ended our chat it was like this could be the guy i have been dreaming about for years we both agreed we needed to get to know each other a lot better. We are almost the same age and we live fairly close and really seem to like the same things and think a lot a like this just might be the guy I might spend the rest of my new life with.  you don't know till you try