1. BenFriday

    I'll be posting again starting this week.


  2. KarenPayne

    Wearing pantyhoes for the first time in years today, I tend to wear tight jeans and leggings but today calls for a dress and it's chilly today else I forego the pantyhoes.

    Check it out



  3. KarenPayne

    I am excited, have a date with a female twenty years younger than me this weekend and she is gorgeous then a handsome man the following weekend. 

  4. KarenPayne

    Was feeling sick this morning at work, co-worker asked the symptoms, I replied, running nose, dizzy. He came back joking with "You must be a Dizzy Blonde", that was funny, 

  5. KarenPayne

    It's not a pretty sight when I am in the mood, alone and can't find my fav viberator, just saying.


    1. Ronnie Virga

      Sybian. Can't lose it if yo can trip over it ! ;) 


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  6. KarenPayne

    Purchased my first loaf of bread today in six months. Had a terrible craving for toasted bread and peanut butter. Time to cheat a tad on my diet for the week now.

  7. KarenPayne

    This time last year I was preparing for gender reassignment surgery. Seems like years ago, like a distant memory.

  8. KarenPayne

    I was surprised that someone seeked me out because of my NY Times article and became friends with me on FaceBook. You never know what might come of articles and blog entries as with blog entries I've had people seek me out too.

    1. Ronnie Virga

      I am not surprised at all.

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  9. KarenPayne

    Nothing like sitting down to go pee, wipe yourself, pull up your panties... then there is that "Oh my God" moment where you realize you were so tired you forgot to pull down your panties :-( Best thing to do is laugh at myself.

  10. WarrenG

    So apparently I'm a "Inhuman, humanity lacking infant rapist" because of differing opinions on circumcision. 0.o

  11. Amber61

     Just getting started in Twitter.

  12. AlexandruVlk

    I have my own facebook now if anyone needs it to contact me at any point. Just look for my name, Alexandru Vlk. 

    1. Ronnie Virga

      Hello Andrew, In your language of your ancestors "An Nou Fericite" In the language of mine "Bonne a+Année" In the language of the land of the future our ancestors sought they're fortunes we say "Happy New Year".

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    2. AlexandruVlk

      Not sure I recognize 'An Nou Fericite' to be honest, haha. As far as I've been able to figure out, we spoke Draco hahaha but Happy New Years to you as well!

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  13. KarenPayne

    Doctor warned me that rubbing of clothing might cause some unwanted (yet kind of welcomed) sensations you now were. All is good until in a meeting and can't concentrate on the meeting or really enjoying the afternoon walk.

  14. KarenPayne

    Beginning Christmas by spending time with my best friend and her family tonight, cheers.

  15. KarenPayne

    While checking out at the grocery store this morning the cashier asked if I had some place to go for Christmas and before I could utter a word she says you are most welcome at my house. Just goes to show there are indeed thoughtful people out there.

  16. KarenPayne

    As of this week I am now a moderator for two developer sites, life just got a little busier but welcome the new moderator position.

    1. Ronnie Virga

      Well Done. :) 

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    2. Ronnie Virga

      So, hows the "double-tap" going? :) Have a great Holiday ! :) 

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    3. KarenPayne

      For me the holidays begin tomorrow, hopefully will be not much different than other years, relaxing, no drama from anyone.

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  17. KarenPayne

    It sure takes a good deal of time when one does auto-pay for all their bills where in this case my new credit card with chip tech changes the card brand and credit card number. Just finished doing five different companies, at least hopefully things will be more secure now.

  18. Dawn13

    10,000 views of my site have just occurred.  Wow what a marker.  If you get a chance tell me what you like about my postings?  I have learned a lot about myself in the last 5 years and have enjoyed all of the discussions with all of you who understand my inner feelings, and why I wish to feel feminine.


    1. Ronnie Virga

      Hi Dawn.

      Your postings helped me find a "better" way to deal with what I'm dealing with. Like so many others that share on this site, it's nice to be able to say "Thanks" for helping me find my way. I will try and pay that forward.

      Hope you have a Blessed and Safe Holiday Season.



      PS - Fab Pics ! :) 


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  19. KarenPayne

    What you allow

    Is what will continue

    1. Ronnie Virga

      Just Noticed that you changed your profiel pic. Well done. 

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  20. KarenPayne

    Enjoying what my thong does to me down there (hits that special spot) today, especially when my car rumbles at a stop. It's nice but I turn into putty while it's happening.

  21. BenFriday

    I Start T tomorrow!

  22. KarenPayne

    The day every two weeks I dread, washing my hair and straightening because my hair is naturally curly. First blow dry then hot iron which takes about an hour to an hour and a half, here I go. 

  23. Blair

    Take a look at my first ever youtube blog!! i think you guys will really like it and i honestly hope i can have the support from the transgender community. Please have a look and feel free to share and comment


  24. tas198

    I am new to transitioning and i am not sure where to begin.