1. KarenPayne

    The day every two weeks I dread, washing my hair and straightening because my hair is naturally curly. First blow dry then hot iron which takes about an hour to an hour and a half, here I go. 

  2. Blair

    Take a look at my first ever youtube blog!! i think you guys will really like it and i honestly hope i can have the support from the transgender community. Please have a look and feel free to share and comment


  3. tas198

    I am new to transitioning and i am not sure where to begin.

  4. Blair

    One thousand, one hundred views on 'How i came out to my school'

    What is life, i am truly blessed. Its not just my message but all of our messages being sent out to the world

  5. KarenPayne

    Still doing battle with Comcast. four calls, one visit to the local office and working privately with a person who might be able to assist.

  6. Blair

    Whats on next for Blair Jamies blog???

    I should tell all about the top nasty comments said about my transition, everyone loves a little goss. 

    Or should i tell all about coming out to my family and how they have taken it all..


    So many options xoxoo


  7. Blair

    Hello there transgender world. 

    This is my first post and i thought what not better to do then to just say hello xxx

    I will be constantly making status and opening up topics. I love talking, helping and supporting fellow trasngender people. I do talks at my school and talk to anyone. 

    feel free to message me. 



  8. Guest » Guest

    Good conversation and nice CD and TS ladies

  9. Shellylacey

    Only Crossdressed in secret up till now I never spoke to anyone of it now I want to talk

  10. KarenPayne

    How crazy is this, had an hour long phone call with a distant family member just now and tried (she wanted to hear my former voice as the rest of me talking was my female voice), I really tried to use my former male voice but could not. After getting off the phone I recorded my now normal female voice then my futile attempt at my former male voice. After three attempts trying to sound male I gave up as it actually started to physically hurt. Guess I will not be dressing up for Halloween as any male characters ever :) 

  11. jeanmarc78000

    love for all

  12. KarenPayne

    Did a four hour back country drive today in my Miata, did I get hit on at lunch, yep, grin.

  13. Knight091275

    I will going going on HRT very soon

  14. Michele800226

    It's weird having someone report to me what they doing and me having to do the same.  But, I decided to venture into unknown territory

  15. Dawn13

    Longer shoulder length hair - let it all out last night - called mam twice last night at a restaurant we were going to.  I guess I cannot dress male eneough as my hair and face lead people to think of me as female.


  16. KarenPayne

    It's my first birthday as female, going to spend a quite evening because I have plans with friends tomorrow and Saturday. Perhaps I will have another birthday in January to celebrate my surgery date :)


  17. KarenPayne

    For whatever reason I put on perfume this morning like every morning but for some reason it felt better. I have four or five, lost count of scents I love and try to rotate between three of them while the others are more suited for the evening.

  18. KarenPayne

    Taking the new car out for a country drive today, hopefully nice weather so the top can be down.

  19. KarenPayne

    Off to check out purchasing a second car, a 2016 fully equipt Mazda Miata. Current car is a 2005 Toyota Camry fully equipt and never breaks so no need to trade it in as it has many years still to go.

  20. KarenPayne

    Time to get ready for a coffee date this morning with a female, yes I am BI and this weekend it's all about females.

  21. KarenPayne

    Done with electrolysis for today, no regrowth from last time woohoo. She is doing one side at a time along with touch ups on my eye area. 


    1. Ronnie Virga


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    3. KarenPayne

      What a lot of trans people with no breast don't realize is that once you have breast there is an area that is extremely difficult to shave cleanly. This is my objective, not to get rid of all hairs although I would not mind them gone but instead to rid myself of those hairs in the hard to reach area. If one misses them over the course of a week they are easy to see, seems like they grow overnight.

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  22. KarenPayne

    Tomorrow I am having a different kind of surgery, two wisdom teeth pulled, oh there is nothing compared to prior surgeries but may prior to be frustrating in regards to eating over the three or so days to follow. 

    Today I am having electrolysis done for underarms, will be nice when that is done. This is my third treatment so far.


  23. KarenPayne

    Aroused but keeping my legs closed. Very frustrating.


  24. KarenPayne

    It's a new day, we begin again, make the best of it as it only happens once then gone forever.