1. KarenPayne

    It's going to be very hot today, over 100 degrees and so happy 95% of the day in work and home I will have AC woohoo. And yes it's thong weather.

  2. KarenPayne

    When it comes to life, we spin our own yarn, and where we end up is really, in fact, where we always intended to be. 
    -- Julia Glass, Three Junes

  3. KarenPayne

    Had the weirdest dream last night, was standing in line at some store and someone said, nice underwear. I looked down and that's all I was wearing, underwear, no shoes lol.  

  4. JessicaRiddhi

    Hi Everyone! 

  5. KarenPayne

    Heading to the coast to sit on the beach and free my mind. Have done this all my life on both coast and find it relaxing simply to watch the waves coming in and out with no distractions.

  6. BenFriday

    going to see the Endocrinologist in a month... Maybe first T to follow?


  7. Dawn13

    A new name this weekend - Called "Babe" by one of the life guards as I was heading for the pool.  My hair was in a pony tail and I was in red biking outfit.


    1. Ronnie Virga

      AWESOME ! :)


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  8. KarenPayne

    Watched Pearl Harbor this afternoon and had some many emotions popping other the smallest things, never happened with my former identity.

    Since it was hot this morning I went out and shopped and came home with a new purse and bra yippy.

  9. UsernameOptional » catherine2003a

    Happy Belated Birthday, catherine. 

    1. catherine2003a

      Hey, this is SO nice thanks. I'm 50 and feel depressed about it. So I'll gobble up champagne to forget.


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  10. allie28117

    Just signed on - looking to meet some new friends.


  11. KarenPayne

    Only three work days this week woo-hoo

  12. KarenPayne

    My mentor came out with a new version of his impact/edge tool which I consider just about as good as it gets for non-lethal defense.


  13. KarenPayne

    Can't explain why but I have been searching for a red polka dot bra but they have been eluding me size wise until today :) I like to accessorize spaghetti strap tops with color coordinated bras rather than simple nude or white so this is fantastic!! I now have a dozen well fitting bras.   

  14. KarenPayne

    Well starting yesterday it's ninety degrees plus for the next week and happy to have AC. Have completely tossed the idea of wearing a bra during my non-working hours. I got up at 3AM this morning and the temperature was close to eighty outside. 

    Each year it's getting worst with the heat, 20 days of  ninety degrees plus days in August but none prior and now we have this happening in June, no a good sign for the rest of the summer and expect many more days of heat. 


  15. KarenPayne

    Watched "The opposite sex, Rene's story" on Showtime and think it's sad that her three brothers and most friends disowned her and that it's not just her but many that transition lose friends and also their jobs which there has to be a fair percentage that leave these people into a dark place or worst. Coming out and transitioning is one of the most difficult things a human can do.

  16. MelodySchwartz

    hello fellow sisters and friends......I finally get to re-start my hrt next week when I get home. yea me im so excited. wish me luck.  after a broken leg a month plus off work my mother and fathers failing health and hospital visits.....I think things are getting back on track. so wish me luck and best wishes to all of you.......xoxo

  17. KarenPayne

    All day long I felt to tall and have no clue why, think I will take a spin in a dryer :) 

  18. UsernameOptional » Natalie1952

    anim_partyblower.gifHappy Birthday, Natalie :)

  19. KarenPayne

    I am seeing an old pattern emerging with myself in that 20 years ago I would get up at 2AM in the morning and be wide awake with vast amounts of energy coupled with weight lose. This stopped with a low thyroid condition. Now the pattern is back, have seen slow but steady changes in weight lose which any girl will welcome if in good health. Part of the weight lose is I am sure due to walking twice a day when possible or when not getting on my treadmill.

  20. KarenPayne

    One more day until the weekend when I am going to bask in the sunshine.

  21. KarenPayne

    For what it's worth, June 22 is "No panty day".

  22. KarenPayne

    It's early still but from the looks of things it will be an awesome Monday. This afternoon I am getting my two week manicure which I always enjoy talking to the other ladies and getting pampered. Hope everyone has a great Monday!!!

  23. KarenPayne

    Heading off with my best female friend to the Portland Trans parade shortly.



  24. KarenPayne

    Thinking back to prior to transitioning I cherished working from home two days a week but since transitioning only work one day from home as it's so much more fun being with co-workers than not. Today, Friday is the only day I work from home and find myself wanting to go into work. Just shows how things get better over time so if reading this and on a path to reassignment that this shows life can be better.

  25. KarenPayne

    One more day till the weekend woo-hoo. Saturday I am attending the local Transgender parade in Portland which will be my first time. Since it's close to my friends house (who is going too) we don't have to contend with parking which is great. Enjoy the day!!!