1. KarenPayne

    Off to check out purchasing a second car, a 2016 fully equipt Mazda Miata. Current car is a 2005 Toyota Camry fully equipt and never breaks so no need to trade it in as it has many years still to go.

  2. KarenPayne

    Time to get ready for a coffee date this morning with a female, yes I am BI and this weekend it's all about females.

  3. KarenPayne

    Done with electrolysis for today, no regrowth from last time woohoo. She is doing one side at a time along with touch ups on my eye area. 


    1. Ronnie Virga


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    2. Ronnie Virga


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    3. KarenPayne

      What a lot of trans people with no breast don't realize is that once you have breast there is an area that is extremely difficult to shave cleanly. This is my objective, not to get rid of all hairs although I would not mind them gone but instead to rid myself of those hairs in the hard to reach area. If one misses them over the course of a week they are easy to see, seems like they grow overnight.

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  4. KarenPayne

    Tomorrow I am having a different kind of surgery, two wisdom teeth pulled, oh there is nothing compared to prior surgeries but may prior to be frustrating in regards to eating over the three or so days to follow. 

    Today I am having electrolysis done for underarms, will be nice when that is done. This is my third treatment so far.


  5. KarenPayne

    Aroused but keeping my legs closed. Very frustrating.


  6. KarenPayne

    It's a new day, we begin again, make the best of it as it only happens once then gone forever.

  7. KarenPayne

    I find it interesting that two years ago I was told that red was not a color for me and agreed yet that person told me red now suits me. For the past two weeks have been wearing Lucky Brand flats in a medium red. Just goes to show (in my opinion) what hormones can do after being on them for a while. Oh, my worst color, yellow, still working on that.

  8. KarenPayne

    Three days until "Capital Pride" which is an outdoor event for LGBT community. Should see at least one member from here there. The event is about ten minutes from my place and happy to have a short drive.

  9. KarenPayne

    Nothing like starting the day, getting my legging on and realize my panties are inside out

  10. Samantha77

    I'm very happy about my  progress with my transition and everything else in my life has been going very well to. 

  11. Dawn13

    Just yesterday I was at a hotel getting ready for a swim meet the next day; arms and legs shaved, very tan, wearing sandels and very short denim shorts, wearing my now longer ponytail, and the desk clerk called me mam twice.  Was not trying to disquise my voice at all but did not seem to matter.  He even opened the door for and would have helped me with my bags if I had not told him I could do this without his help.  Boy this made me feel quite feminine.

  12. KieshaSommers

    Painting Darlings..!!

  13. debsfogerty

    Had a busy day....home now and tried......but not tired enough NIT to have DEBS TIME!!!!x

  14. TransGretchen

    New and browsing. Testing the water...so to speak.

  15. KarenPayne

    It's going to be very hot today, over 100 degrees and so happy 95% of the day in work and home I will have AC woohoo. And yes it's thong weather.

  16. KarenPayne

    When it comes to life, we spin our own yarn, and where we end up is really, in fact, where we always intended to be. 
    -- Julia Glass, Three Junes

  17. KarenPayne

    Had the weirdest dream last night, was standing in line at some store and someone said, nice underwear. I looked down and that's all I was wearing, underwear, no shoes lol.  

  18. JessicaRiddhi

    Hi Everyone! 

  19. KarenPayne

    Heading to the coast to sit on the beach and free my mind. Have done this all my life on both coast and find it relaxing simply to watch the waves coming in and out with no distractions.

  20. BenFriday

    going to see the Endocrinologist in a month... Maybe first T to follow?


  21. Dawn13

    A new name this weekend - Called "Babe" by one of the life guards as I was heading for the pool.  My hair was in a pony tail and I was in red biking outfit.


    1. Ronnie Virga

      AWESOME ! :)


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  22. KarenPayne

    Watched Pearl Harbor this afternoon and had some many emotions popping other the smallest things, never happened with my former identity.

    Since it was hot this morning I went out and shopped and came home with a new purse and bra yippy.

  23. UsernameOptional » catherine2003a

    Happy Belated Birthday, catherine. 

    1. catherine2003a

      Hey, this is SO nice thanks. I'm 50 and feel depressed about it. So I'll gobble up champagne to forget.


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  24. allie28117

    Just signed on - looking to meet some new friends.


  25. KarenPayne

    Only three work days this week woo-hoo