1. KarenPayne

    Noticed breast skin started to peel slightly last night and that the cream is working great keeping my breast soft 

  2. KarenPayne

    Last night my pain seems to be very diminished, almost non-existent. Even with that I am still taking things easy. One caveat, since I can't wear a bra my nipples show and very hard to conceal as they are semi erect most of the time and expect that to settle down.

    This morning I am starting the day with zero meds.

  3. KarenPayne

    Arrived at work this morning and felt odd, dizzy and just off. So I tried to grin and bear this and after about one hour was perfectly fine. Two hours later off to an eight hour mandatory class that all employees have to take. Not soon after the class began I started to feel strange again and then it happened, someone said something funny and for whatever reason I lost control over something that was not very funny but could not stop laughing. It got so bad that I had tears streaming down my face. It must had been from my medication yet have been taken the medication since last Wednesday so for the life of me can't figure out why something not that funny got me going. The good thing was I was surrounded my employees I work with everyday, they laughed a bit and that was that. 

  4. KarenPayne

    Going back to work for the first time since surgery. At first was worried because I was not sleeping enough but last night I ended up sleeping almost eight hours. 

  5. KarenPayne

    Hopefully today people use this day to remember those who have served and gave so very much for our freedoms. I know many and in awe of these people who are truly inspiring but will never, ever remind you what they have done for us, they did what needed to be done many not knowing the outcome, risk their lives and family and friends more times than not paid heavily for what they have done. So when you are enjoying the day please take a moment of your time to honor those men and woman with respect that they deserve.

  6. KarenPayne

    Forty minutes and counting until my favorite coffee shop opens which I go to everyday and have not been there since Tuesday.

  7. KarenPayne

    Now with breast it is a totally different experience shaving my armpits but just happy I could raise my arms as I could not yesterday. 

  8. UsernameOptional » WarrenG

    Happy Birthday Warren.

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    2. WarrenG

      thank you mike

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    3. Ronnie Virga

      Many Happy Returns Ren. I'd bake you a cake, but I already know your better than me at that ! :)

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    4. UsernameOptional

      " I'd bake you a cake, but I already know your better than me at that ! :)"

      :lol:  Smart move... I don't think I'd wanna go head-to-head with him either... and I consider myself a pretty good cook.

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  9. stephani

    Sorry, all about my extended time away, Life is a busy one as always but since Its just me tending to the Two of us Plus our dog I have little time to relax and sleep a bit before I get back at it, so I let my brain go blank in meditation and free myself from the onslot this world offers up.

    I watch my email and read the happenings and I keep an eye open for a subject that might need my help, or comments on. Plus its not ideal reading or typing on my phone. Giggles.


    Hugs all

    Stephani R. 

  10. KarenPayne

    Just love my new breast, hurt a fair amount but love them just the same.

  11. KarenPayne

    Although I am into females I was just hit on leaving the grocery store by a handsome man, got into my car and notice something was going on down below :)

    1. Ronnie Virga

      Good for you girl! :)

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  12. KarenPayne

    Breast augmentation, one day to go woohoo.

  13. KarenPayne

    This morning I have to visit the hospital for a few pre-surgery test for breast augmentation then this afternoon get my nails done. 

    This morning I started wondering if any of my tops will not fit after surgery which means if some don't well that means "shopping time woohoo".

  14. MonicaPz

    "In the last 20 years, only 20% of workers have received a pay raise" - PBS NewsHour

  15. KarenPayne

    Surgery center called today asking the usual questions prior to surgery. The last question was something like, are you ready, are you nervous? I said in a polite tone, after having gone through Gender Reassignment Surgery this will be a piece of cake.

    At this point the only thing left before next Wednesdays breast augmentation is one check-up on Monday at the hospital which as luck would be, it's five or so blocks form work. 

  16. Dawn13 » MonicaPz

    Monica - Trying to figure out our new site. My voice is very male sounding so you might be surprised even though I can be quite feminine in appearance. I hope to join a telecom soon but must be on a day my wife is out. 

    My wife has become a bit jealous of time I spend with my transgender friends.  And I know she would not like to overhear my conversation as she now wants me to limit my time on this site.  She does understand, but we have been going to counseling with the goal of containing my transgender tendencies so we will remain married (And I do love her). 

    This is all good and I do appreciate your friendship.  I know I will talk to you someday.  I still try to grasp with who I am in a world that makes it hard to allow me to be me.  Love and Kisses - Dawn :)


    1. MonicaPz


      Thank you for your patience with the upgrades on TGGuide.  Most of all, there will be an increase in security.

      Many of our married members are dealing with the same issues as you.

      Yours truly,


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  17. KarenPayne

    Picked up my prescriptions last night for surgery next Wednesday. Need to start working on preparing as with the meds they are giving me I can not drive for several days and the friend who is staying with me does not drive. The doctor wants me to wash the breast for the next week which helps ensure against infection so I start that today. Happy Tuesday :)

  18. Ronnie Virga

    A new species of Human was recently discovered in a cave. Paleontologists have dub the new discovery "Homophobiananderthal". The species did not survive long. Apparently, even cavemen were smart enough NOT to put up with that crap! ;)


  19. Ronnie Virga

    Happy Mothers Day! Posted pics of what it looks like after the storm. Thanks Mother Earth. We needed the water without a doubt.

  20. Ronnie Virga

    Blizzards in May are really no fun!. Power has been very unstable recently.

  21. Ronnie Virga

    Watching Mullholand Falls. Aweswome costuming


  22. KarenPayne

    Seems like me time is gone for a while which is okay as I am keeping busy with things that keeps me from being on the computer much and I feel that real life away from the computer trumps all. So too those who live by the need to connect to their computer try walking away and smell the roses :). This weekend starts with pre-op appointment for breast arugmentation today, tonight teaching empty hand combatives, tomorrow teaching firearms followed by out with friends for dinner then Sunday will be out doing a five mile or so walk with a friend.

    1. Ronnie Virga

      I am kind of hoping that it snows tonight. Won't be seeing a lot of that for a while. I have a nice 6 mile loop that goes through a good patch of green space near my house. Always see something. Except those nasty urban Racoon's! They are always in a bad mood! To much gluten !)

      And if the sky should clear? There is always something to see. 


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    2. KarenPayne

      Yeah I believe we are finished with snow for sometime to come. Thinking of clear skies, makes me remember back to when driving through Wyoming at night which is where I have seen the clearest skies in my life. 

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  23. Dawn13

    Was sighing up for a sporting event today and before I spoke up I was directed to the womens packet pickup.

    1. UsernameOptional


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  24. Ronnie Virga

    had to delete most of my pics (64) All the descriptive data was corrupted.