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The Day of Silence (please, actually read the reasoning behind my opinion)

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Guest SexBloodandMetal

Disclaimer: The views expressed are actually pro-GLBT. You have to read it to the end to get the point. Some idiots on facebook retorted without reading the entire thing, thinking it was meant to be some right-wing anti-GLBT propaganda. This is why certain tools should actually read the entire thing before deciding to skip that, and then post about me being some kinda chauvinist bigot of some kind.

Here's what I posted on facebook (editing was required to censor explitives here on TGG):

I bring this up because I noticed that some friends here [on facebook] are already mentioning attending the event though it isn't gonna happen til April of next year.

The Day of Silence is this day where homosexuals, bisexuals, transgendered people, and straight people who support Gay/TG rights are silent for a day. And in some way, their silence is supposed to be "louder". Here's what I think about that:

**** the day of silence!

Now, before some of you get pissed at me, and get on me for having some kinda prejudice against gays/lesbians/transgendered people, no, I don't. Now, here's why I say this. What the hell is the point of suddenly not talking, when Gays, Lesbians, and Transgendered people aren't heard anyway? Thats retarded.

Now, since the idea of the day of silence was to get straight people to understand the point, what they should do is make regular straight people go silent for a day so that way they know what its like for the GLBT minority not to be heard. Thats way more effective. And thats if you do it at all...

But yeah, I hope people HERE actually read the whole thing and got the point.

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It is difficult to get the majority to protest for a minority. In essence they would be protesting against themselves. The minority has to protest in some way to get attention and then hope to get a large number of the majority to sympathise. A day of silence is a way of getting attention to the issue. A day of something else would also work to get attention but sympathetic attention would have to be considered regarding what that something else is. "Silence" is non-threatening.


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