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Transgender support groups in the United States have been updated. These are listed at http://www.tgguide.com/information.htm

Please help us keep this list as current as possible by letting us know if you're aware of others that are not listed or group listings that need to be corrected. Additions or corrections can be submitted by e-mail to webmaster@tgguide.com

You may feel free to post support groups outside the United States on this message board. We will most likely use that information to add support groups from other countries when we reach that stage of site development.


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Guest Judy


still looking sround the general area in my region

As soon as things balance out in transportation and local support in my town or community I reside If I Stay in this area of fla

I'll probably going to start one up

In some time it would be nice in this neck of the woods

I am just waiting for other folk in this region of fla to open up come out what ever it is called there is not many stepping to the mound yet and in my town none ... zero Dr martin told me other day im a rarity in a kool way because he likes my ideals and experience in this but that there is like ! % in the area here and even dr's do not like tg ppl that kills me 2 days ago i was looking for a urologist

lol these drs are so inethical opoiniojnated and onesided they look at a few of us as bubonic plaigue Thank God Dr martin is humanitatian and civilized enouigh to actually be willing to help me with kidney stones ..I produce these alot Dr martin is a GodSend really

that is a good dr a very kind person ...Where there is a will there is a way

I work hard to pass on love and show drs the positive sides of life because many of these local doctors in my area are 99% from ok arabia india europe and pakistan etc it is rough because out of about 60 doctors in my area 2 I kno of personally are kind enough and open minded enough to talke a intrest in thie life

but as soon as there is a small community there is a foundation fooring mold a starting point ..

it would be kool to have something local without me driving many miles to other counties even though where i live drs consider me a real minority according to dr martin a surgeon i just talked to 2 days ago ...

just to drive to tampa is about 30+ miles easy

it a real hike really then st pete is a tremendously long drive there is a pretty nice area group in tampa /st pete i like both

St pete is better imop but alot further

something more central west fla is needed via WEEKI WACHI AREA

If I am around this area of fla in future that is where I want to make a Starting point a meeting place I got to look into halls and places locally and maybe just next county over

community rooms or empty office space to make a meeting place to have helpful conversations and meet nice ppl etc

support is essential

There is ppl like me for instance that do not own cars or like to drive but i will look for community hall run a local ad in paper and take a shot at firiing up a nice common ground in this little region i'll go ask local hospitals for a space to use monthly that is a good idea ......Just thought of that because i taught a cpr

course in a back of a hospital about 10 yrs back

I think it is possible ill go ask the hospital administrators a few dr's for ideas in this area of town..........

I dont see any reasons for turning humanity down

As of now like i said drs told me im a minority a small speck on the canvas

... probability it can and will be happening in near future I hope

Id love to see the tg community open up in my region its like living in the 1950's now picture back to the future lol

Who knows if I will linger in florida much longer but it would be nice in a old country backwards town to have a open ground

Like i said from the heart and its hard to compose this concept as I type but Support is essential people can use support and a little kindness goes very far

instead of travelling 100 miles in a car

Hug's Judy

Just sayin hi and thinkin away

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