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New Blogs & Image Galleries at TGGuide Forums

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Everybody hang on! :lol:


We have updated the message forum software to keep up with the latest security patches. There are some changes in member profiles that you may notice.

We're also adding two new features that I hope you'll take advantage of.

1. Image Galleries - we're adding image galleries for use by registered members where you can post photos that you wish to share with others.

2. Member Blogs - we're adding blogs for use by our members where you can keep a public journal or just rant and rave.

Hopefully these changes will be useful for our members and (I'm knocking on wood here) won't create any new software conflicts.

NEW MEMBERS PLEASE READ: We manually validate all new members. This may take up to 24 hours. I'm sorry but this is necessary to safeguard the security of our members and the message forum itself.

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The blogs are now active. You can view blogs by clicking "Blogs" at the upper right corner of this page. You can create a blog by logging into your control panel. This is new software but it seems fairly simple to use. If you have any questions post them here and we'll find the answers.

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The image galleries are now online. I have posted three galleries. You can view my galleries by clicking my profile and then clicking "Gallery" or you can view all member galleries by clicking "Gallery" at the upper right of the message forum, then scroll down the page.

I put up some old transition photos that you can rate - go easy on me now!

You can view all the member galleries at http://tgguide.com/message/index.php?autoc...eq=sc&cat=1

You can create your own galleries and upload photos by clicking "My Controls" then click "Your Albums" and click "Create Album." Just follow the prompts to upload your photos and add descriptions.

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