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Utah Senator Chris Buttars calls gays "greatest threat to America".

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This guy is a self-righteous biggot. Amazing that his constituents would tolerate his idiotic representation.

There is an ABC poll on that page asking whether people agree or disagree with his statement about gays. Presently 84% disagree with him, but sadly 16% still agree with him.

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Guest LMP

According to this update:


The asshat has lost his chairmanship of a couple legislative committees. Forgive the source (Deseret News) I couldn't get to the Salt Lake Tribune site. The Desret News is owned by the LDS church. Anywho, in the article they also mention, in a POSITIVE light, that Buttars ran the Utah Boys Ranch. :Gulp!: That doesn't mean anything to you, but those in-the-know know they did a lot of reparative therapy on young gay LDS kids there.

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