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In Memoriam: Roberta Angela Dee

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Roberta Angela Dee was an early voice of the African-American transgender community. She was another early contributor to TGGuide to whom we are forever grateful. We are proud to memorialize Roberta Angela Dee on TGGuide.com.

You can read some of Roberta Angela Dee's writings online


Prejudice and Gender

The Magic Dress

Flowers of Every Kind


The Myth of Autogynephilia

Asian Cross Dressers

What Does Transgendered Really Mean?

Men Trapped in Transsexual Bodies:

The Michigan Womyn's Music Festival

The War on Gender

The Magic of a Girdle

Cross Dressed Christmas

Panty Partie


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Annie, I read a few of Roberta's writings and was really touched by them. Could you tell me more about her?


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Here are some links for more information on Roberta

An online bio: http://transgriot.blogspot.com/2007/02/rob...angela-dee.html

Another online bio: http://www.andrejkoymasky.com/liv/fam/biod1/dee01.html

Roberta's book titled "Roberta, a lesbian transsexual": http://openlibrary.org/b/OL902743M/Roberta...ian-transsexual

Roberta's book titled "Roberta and Ren": http://reluctantpress.com/downloads14.html

Photos: http://www.tgwebbuilders.com/DIA/roberta.html

Google Search Listings for Roberta Angela Dee: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=R...amp;btnG=Search

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