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San Antonio police officer charged with sexual assault of transgender woman

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(Note: headline and story updated as of February 28--headline changed from "transgender man" to "transgender woman." See latest update at the end of this story.)

A San Antonio police officer is in jail and accused of sexually assaulting a “transgender man,” according to WOIA.com.

Based on the initial information available, it would appear that the victim is a trans man (assigned female at birth, transitioned to male). However, because news reports often fail to use correct pronouns and gender references, there is always the possibility that the victim is a trans woman.

According to the report, the victim alleges that Officer Craig Nash picked him her up on the morning of February 25, handcuffed him her, told him her to lie down in the back of the car, then drove him her to another location and sexually assaulted him her before dropping him her off...


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I read the article few days ago. It was a transwoman who was raped.



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i've read the article 3 times. what am i missing? did the assualt happen in san antonio (TX?) or in denver, CO?

was the cop a san antonio cop, or a denver cop? the article calls the assailant a san antonio police officer, yet the photo shows a denver PD badge.

i guess it doesn't make a difference, wrong is wrong no matter where it happens.

as for the san antonio media screwing up terminology and using improper pronouns... that's not a surprise. helloooooooo.. TEXAS!!

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