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Where and Where Not to Find Help

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Members -

The status feed is great for making announcements on things you'd like others to know about, or to express your mood at the moment, achievements, etc.  Because everyone does not check out status feeds, it is not the best place to ask for help on any issue whether trans* related or getting around in on the TG Guide Board*.

If you ask a question in a status feed, you risk the chance that your question will not be seen, and therefore could go unanswered. Some, depending on their current situation (emotional state, family problems, issues with acceptance, etc), will feel even more isolated or ignored if a question is not responded to. We don't want that to happen.

Please use the search feature located in the upper right portion of any page to look for certain topics which may hold the answers you are looking for, or... start a thread and ask your question. That thread will/can then become something that can help not only you, but others who might have been interested in the same kind of information.

*For help in navigating the TG Guide Board, please visit the Forum Help & Support forum.

NOTE:  Some help topics dated prior to May 2015 may not be applicable, as they were created prior to a forum upgrade.  If you find a thread that does not solve your issue, it could be due to upgrade changes.   Please create a new thread with the issue your are experiencing.

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