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To ALL Members -

This is a friendly but serious reminder that you should NOT put your email address in any post on a public forum - especially if you are not "out," or if you are a member of the cisgender community who could suffer at the hands of intolerant people if it is discovered that some of your friends are TG.  Generally, we remove email addresses from forum posts when we catch them.

If you wish to have someone's email address, you should PM (Private Message) them, and ask - do not expect someone to post their email address in a post or in chat.  Likewise, if you wish to share your email address with someone, you should provide your email address to them via PM.  As always, caution should be exercised when sharing your email address.  Under no circumstances should anyone pressure another for an email address.  Anyone who feels that another person is pressuring members for information should immediately notify the moderating staff.

If you are not out, you should not put ANY personally identifiable information in posts in the public forum or in your profile. And of course, whether out or not...nothing that can be used by identity thieves should be posted for all to see, such as SS numbers, CC numbers, bank account info, etc. (see board rules)

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