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Justice Fail: Texas Cop Gets One Year In Jail For Raping Transwomen

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When does our supposedly unbiased, wonderful, exalted justice system fail? When it’s a crime against a transsexual, a prostitute, and/or in Texas.

Craig Nash (pictured), a former San Antonio cop, received one year in jail on a misdemeanor “official oppression” charge. He is accused of arresting a transsexual prostitute in San Antonio, handcuffing her, driving to a hidden location, and forcing her to perform multiple sex acts, all done while on duty. A rape kit confirmed Nash had raped her, and a GPS device on his patrol car backed her story.

Two days later, another victim came forward to say he had been raped by Nash.

Prosecutors in Texas agreed to a plea bargain, avoiding the felony charge of sexual assault by a police officer, which carries a maximum sentence of life in prison. Part of the bargain included dropping the charges brought by the second victim. Nash had to agree to never work in law enforcement in Texas again.

Lawyers for Nash said he was an honored police officer who “had a lot of heroic acts,” and portrayed him as a good father with six children. The prosecution said they pursue a misdemeanor charge instead of a felony because they would have had “additional issues” to deal with.

So much for equal justice for all. Here’s yet another example of police brutality receiving merely a slap on the wrist, and a horrific sexual crime being largely ignored because the victim didn’t fit the accepted notion of “normality.”


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wow. ya know, i could understand a life sentence being reduced to say... 25 or 30 years in prison (after a plea bargain). but to go all the way from life to, basically, nothing?? i say "nothing" because this sorry excuse for a human could probably get out in 4 to 6 months on "good behavior."

wonder how he'd feel if a cop raped his mother, then on a plea bargain...his mother's assailant was given only one year?


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The sentence really stinks and is an affront to transgender people.


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That is UTTERLY REDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!

How is it that with all that evidence, the rape kit, the gps location, the statement by the transwoman, and a second coming forward can a lawyer go, ok we'll make a deal to make it so everything is alright......FOR THE RAPIST. Its basically calling any transgender woman a second class citizen and if we are ever a victim of a crime, its ok because we are trans.

Ugh im sooo angry about that story because of the injustice that has happened. Yes this officer nash can never work in law enforcement in texas, but there are other states he could move to and do the same things. And im sure they actually didn't put the reason he was probably "let go" in his record. So im worried he'll go to like new mexico or oklahoma and say how "decorated" of an officer he was and his experience and then he'll get a job again.

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