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I saw and informercial on the Ahh Bra. Has anyone tried this? Any thoughts on it?


Peace my friends, Chara Jo

Ok, I bought one one ebay and I am wearing it right now. And ya know, it really is very comfortable. smile.gif

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Saw it , thought about it , but it may be comfortable but it aint sexy ,,, LOL ,,, I know who needs sexy after a hard day at the office ... Get me outa here Calgon hehehehee... I hope the tidy bowl man doesn't deside to pop out of the bowl while I'm soakin , he may get an eye full of soapy sudds ... and a deaf ear from my sheeks of disbelief ...LOL .

let us know how it worked out after a full day of shopping , work , and anything else that pops up while your wearing it okay its alway nice to hear about something that just may make our lifes a little less painfull . ( I know a broken pushup wire in the arm pit is little confort when you know you have a full day left .)

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