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London Help Needed!

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My daughter and I are premiering her first play at the Edinburgh Festival in august. It's about a beautiful person we know in Indiana who is transgender. Our actor needs help with creating his feminine persona - make up and walking in heels (just low ones).

If anyone in London would be willing to help with the makeover this week/next week then in return, apart from being very grateful, we'd either give you credit in our programme and on our website and give you one of our gorgeous show t-shirts, or if you want we can put an ad for your business into our programme.

You can read more about us here.



ps. anyone in Edinburgh we hope you'll come and see the show, it's Free although we will be rattling the collecting tin afterwards!

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Interesting project. Wish I could go see the performance. Best of luck with the play.

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It does sound interesting but to ask a transsexual about how to be a man and to play a role as a woman is a bit of a stretch for us , we are woman and we had to learn to play a role as a man , LOL , I really suppose there are others that may be able to help but I might suggest a Dragqueen might be a better person to get tips on how to pull off a man playing a woman yet still being a man . I might be wrong I do get some tips from my wife when I have a question but usually her responce is why you already do that any ways , confidence in the persons femininaty will aid in the overall visual acceptance of him being a woman yet at the end of the show he still turns to his natual dispositions , oh another good place to look for answers would be those in the area that are cossplayers or crossplays who ever the individual is they might say one or the other but they are very good at portraying a fem persona yet still are completely male . just a couple thoughts . best of luck with the show .


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Hi Rachael,

Can you pay for my flight to London from Ottawa, Canada, and accommodations? I am just kidding, of course.

I would stay away from the Drag Queen style of makeup unless it is part of the learning process of the character. Age comes into it too regarding style of dress and makeup colours. Walking in heels just takes some practice and shorter steps, careful on any stairs.

As Stefani suggested I would go to any of the TG friendly gay clubs and talk to some of the girls there.

I know a woman (GG) who lives in Toronto, Canada, Paddy Aldridge, who has been helping Transgendered people for years with their makeovers. She is internationally known and has been interviewed on many talk shows, newspapers, magazines and she was telling me last time I was there that last summer a play was being performed in the area and the lead and some of the cast just went to her place for their makeup before each show. It would not be feasible to use her services but there may be a similar place in London who could assist you.

Some of the UK members here may have some ideas.


* GG = Genuine Girl

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