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I can't get to Messenger unless someone sends me a message. I click on the dropdown arror beside my name in the top right corner of the page and am automatically taken to my Profile page. The dropdown box does not stay so I can't choose anything. From my Profile page I try again to get to Messenger through the dropdown selection and it just refreshes my Profile page.

Please advise.


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"Yes? Is that bad?"

:lol:... aww, Bonnie, I picture a little girl with big sad eyes, worried she had done something wrong.

I'm not a fan of MS IE - never have been, so I dunno if I'm the right guy to be talking to. I got my first computer and discovered the internet all in 1996, and well within 6 months I was discovering the features of the Netscape Navigator browser - one of which its speed over IE. But I digress.

Lori suspected a few coding bugs not too long ago and has been working on a few problems, but it also appeared that whatever some members had been experiencing was possibly something that presented itself only in Internet Explorer. Another member was having some problems with a drop-down menu. I believe she was using IE also. As a good example: the double posting of profile comments. I think I can confidently say that only those using IE (and possibly Chrome) are experiencing double posts.

Besides IE being probably the slowest browser even today, security is a big reason anyone should dump that glitch-riddled excuse of a browser. I would recommend nearly anything but IE.

Opera - I have used Opera on a couple of occasions. Though at the time it was definitely faster than IE, I could never get used to the feel of Opera. But that is just a personal thing - don't let deter you from checking it out.

Chrome - Many people like Chrome. I checked it out too when it came out...but never gave it much chance because it seemed to me to be too much like IE, just faster.

Firefox - I turned to Firefox because I wasn't happy with SeaMonkey, which I had turned to after AOL pretty much destroyed Netscape after they got their hands on it.

Safari - Developed by Apple for Mac's, I haven't tried this browser yet. But since learning that there is now also a version for Windows-based systems, I might check it out.

I would recommend trying a different browser and see if the problem still exists. If it does, definitely let Lori know. If it doesn't, then what ever coding bug she is wrestling with at the moment might only be affecting IE.


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