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Site Upgrades

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I will be installing site upgrades on the TGGuide forums, as well as the main site. This will likely remedy some of the spam we've been getting lately. Thank you to the site moderators who have done a great job of keeping the spammers weeded out. Watch for the site upgrades and redesign in the coming weeks. Please bear with us during the upgrades and report any site performance problems to me.

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1. Profile Pic/Avatars - There is no longer a distinction between a profile picture and an avatar. Mouse over your profile picture and clik the CHANGE button if you want a new pictures. Follow the on-screen instructions in the "Photo Editor."

2. Customize Your Profile Page - Go to My Profile >> Edit My Profile >> Profile Customization >> Choose a background from a URL (please don't link to images you don't have permission to use)

or upload a copy of the background image from your computer. (Maximum image file size is 700mb)

>> Click save changes and you're done.

3. Comments - In the old forum format, comments left on one's profile page by other members could be readily seen simply by going to and viewing a member page. If you have not already discovered it, in the new format, you must clik on the "Profile Feed" link in the left column under the member photo.

You will also notice:

............a. Along with any comments left for you, any and all comments that you've left for someone else will show in your profile feed

............b. Your status updates, along with any comments others have added will show in your profile feed


1. Forum Skin - Click on the little picture icon at the top of the page just below the "Gallery" link and choose from 6 different skins for your forums, OR...enter the URL to your favorite pic

2. Status Updates - Comment on your friends' status updates from the index page


1. Board Rules can be found by clicking on the "exclamation in a circle" just under the "Blogs" link

2. Forum Content - Mouse over a forum title to see what kind of post can be found in that particular forum

3. New PMs - The little envelope icon for your PMs will have a small red tag on it when you have new PMs. The tag will show the number of new PMs. Depending on your settings, you can also have a pop-up open, but this will show you only the last PM sent.

4. External Links - It may have just been a problem in Firefox, but some may have gotten into the habit of right clikking on links in posts in the old forum format and choosing "open in a new tab" from the context menu - you no longer have have to do that. Now, when you clik on a link, a new tab will open and you don't lose your TGG page. Only exception I find is when clikking on a link in profiles. NOTE: When clikking on links to the personal websites of members, remember that TGG has no connection with those sites and content may not be suitable for all viewers

5. Videos - To share a video just add the video URL (from the share link) into your post. Please keep videos G or PG rated and non-commercial. Example, at Youtube, clik the SHARE button below the vid, copy the URL that appears in the "Link to this video" box, paste that URL in your post.

We'll add more as we run across different little things. Drop any of us moderators a PM if you find something that might be of interest to other members, and we'll add it to this list.

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Upgrades mentioned in this thread may no longer be relevant as newer upgrades may have been since applied, therefore this thread has been closed.  Please begin another thread if you experience any issues so that they may be better addressed.


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