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"Gay and Lesbian Friendly" Rehab Sued for Discrimination Against Trans Woman

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Brooklyn, NY -- "Discrimination at the hands of a progressive rehabilitation center left a transgender woman in long-term solitary confinement at an all-male supermax prison... Living in an all-male prison population was "hell" because of transphobia and harassment from other inmates and prison staff... Arrested in March 2008 for drug possession, Wilson accepted a plea agreement to enter a treatment program rather than face prison time. An assistant district attorney arranged for her to receive in-patient treatment at Phoenix House, which Wilson chose because it represented itself as gay- and lesbian-friendly."

Read the article: Tolerant Rehab Sued for Transgender Bias

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"Tolerant re-hab sued for transgender bias."

<Grunts>... seems like there's an contradiction in there somewhere. Just can't put my finger on it.

It also doesn't say much for the Phoenix house that they tried to get the case dismissed. I supposed any good lawyer would have advised them to do so, but in trying to get it dismissed sounds like they either had something to hide, or more than likely...felt they did no wrong.

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