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World AIDS Day: A Look at the Transgender Community

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"On World AIDS Day, observed on December 1 each year, many individuals and organizations are taking time to reflect on the devastating effects this epidemic has had on people across the globe, particularly those within the LGBT community. However, less often highlighted are the specific ways that HIV/AIDS has impacted transgender people..."

"In the survey, a sample of nearly 6,500 transgender people reported a 2.6 percent rate of HIV infection, more than four times the rate of the general adult population. These rates were significantly higher for transgender people of color, with 25% of African Americans, 11% of Latino/as, 7% of American Indians, and 3.7% of Asian Americans reporting HIV infection. These rates are substantially increased from those reported by the general population of people of color. Other social and economic factors, such as income, gender, violence, education, employment, and citizenship status greatly affected rates of HIV infection. Trans women respondents reported a 4.3% rate of infection, versus a .51% rate among trans men respondents. Among those transgender people who had been sexually assaulted due to anti-transgender bias, rates of HIV infection rose to 10%."

Read the article: World AIDS Day: A Look at the Transgender Community

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These racial percentages will not change. HIV/AIDS needs to be cured. I have heard of a recent break through but how long before it is fully tested? Where do we stand with the research now?


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