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National Transgender Discrimination Survey

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Injustice at Every Turn: A Report of the National Transgender Discrimination Survey

Report Date: February 03, 2011

"Transgender and gender non-conforming people face rampant discrimination in every area of life: education, employment, family life, public accommodations, housing, health, police and jails, and ID documents. This data is so shocking that it will change the way you think about transgender people and it should change the way you advocate. The National Transgender Discrimination Survey was conducted by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and the National Center for Transgender Equality."

Download the Executive Summary

Detail on Black Respondents

Download the full report

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"Latino and Latina transgender and gender non-conforming people face some of the highest levels of discrimination of all transgender people according to a new analysis released today, Injustice at Every Turn: A Look at Latino/a Respondents in the National Transgender Discrimination Survey."

Read more: 'New analysis shows startling levels of discrimination against Latino/a transgender people'

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I must a comment I'm a latina and proud of that fact, but when I see what other are putting up with my heart get very heavy.

Why?? I did not understand this when I was young I didnot, and don't much now.

For God sake can't people just love one other for who they are without descrimination??

I must be silly to think this. I love all reguardless of ethnicity. unless that person is mean spirited (mean people suck.)

I guess it's as Oscar Wilde said," the emotions of man are stirred more quickly than man's intellgence."

sorry for going off I apologize.

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