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It's amazing how many products are on the market now for women who don't want to have to sit down to go in certain situations. And the list of products seems to be growing. I've never personally heard any woman talking about having used any of these products, but I'm thinking they gotta be using them...or the products would disappear from the market.

The annoying thing is, while these products are being produced for women (some have been invented by women), and in various pretty little colours no less, it is apparently okay to be a woman and take advantage of these products when camping or when the only place to go is some bathroom in the back of a filling station that even a guy wouldn't wanna take a whiz in. Lately, the list of reasons has grown.

It's also amazing how these same products are apparently being touted by transmen. It blows my mind! Is it just me...or shouldn't any guy have a problem carrying around a cutely named, prettily coloured item for peeing? --

.....................A purple "Whiz"

.....................A neon green "P-Mate." With butterflies on it!

.....................A sky blue "Travel Mate"

.....................A white "Urinelle," with "urinelle" stylishly stamped all over the thing

.....................A pink "Go Girl"

.....................A powder blue "Lady J"

.....................A pink "Freshette," a pink funnel with a clear plastic tube

.....................A "pStyle." You can get it in blue, white, green, some kinda pinky-purply colour, orange or red. These little jewels are (or were) also known as "Krista's Cups." I dunno why...but to me, that just sounds wrong. On several levels.

-Then, there's the "Whizzy for Women" - "Take a Stand."

-And, the "SheWee" - "Stand up and take control"

-Don't forget the "Magic Cone" The word "magic" just ain't workin' here.

-There's also the "Pee-Zee" that comes in this bright day-glo yellow that could be seen from space. One redeeming factor is this product is actually aimed at "FTM people" also - not just women. But again, what self-respecting guy is gonna whip this thing out in the men's room?? But that's not all...THEY'LL PERSONALIZE IT! This ain't a piece of jewelry, dudes!

Sometimes, I can't help but believe that the reason there is little creativity in the way of (affordable) prosthetics for transmen is because some of these companies have found more of a market for women who wanna play "man" but don't want to be a man (it's the ol' "anything you can do, I can do better"). I think the same thing has happened in the case of the packy - women started buying them as toys, something to have fun with with their boyfriends, husbands and girlfriends. Their choice of colour? Pink. :angry: While some colours are finally becoming available again (beige, brown, tan, caramel, etc.), for a while there, pink was our only choice. No guy wants to whip out "pinky" at the urinal.

So what's up folks? It's okay to be a woman and stand to pee or laugh and play and giggle about the little pink toy you just bought, but it's not okay to be a transman needing a passable STP prosthetic?

Besides industry pandering to women, isn't this just another double-standard?

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I agree that transmen need a passable prosthetic and to me is a separate issue.

I don't see anything wrong with the product for women you are talking about, Michael, and when and why they would be used is a valid concern. What I also do see is they will also be used at sporting events where the women's washrooms have huge lineups and the men's, although the lines can be long too, reduce much faster. Women will want to use the men's washroom urinals. I don't really care. Putting urinals in the women's washrooms would be an idea, especially at places with large crowds.


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Oh God No .... No Urinals in the Womans Room , are you Kiddin me , Woman ARE Nasty ( self Excluded of course ) Yes generaly the lines are shorter in the mens room but remember they have so little to take care of while there , LOL .....

Woman , now lots of things and none involve just whipping it out and going , I understand the Curious notion as to WHAT IN THE WORLD , why would you do that , but we are Kitties now arent we , Lucky for nine lives . :)

Mike , I think you are 100% correct , FtM need a Pros , that both aids and is effective in both appearance and use . The notion of a Personalized day glo yellow STP ... OMG , come on ... (head shakes)

I am a rather crafty and creative lady , I am going to have to look into this bothersome tidbit ( no puns intended LOL) Thank you for bringing this up , I never figured this was a great big problem as it is , I can now see were it would be . Hell I just set down to pee , ( first wipe the seat then flush , nasty nasty nasty .....)



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