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“California Lawmaker: Let Boys Be Girls...And Girls Be Boys.”

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“Forget about the National Enquirer, TMZ.com or any other lurid tabloid publication. No need for MAD Magazine or Al Goldstein’s “Screw” Magazine anymore. If you really want to be entertained just go to www.leginfo.ca.gov and read some of the laws that are being proposed by the far left assemblymen and women who populate the halls of our state capital in Sacramento.” - David Wohl

California Lawmaker: Let Boys Be Girls...And Girls Be Boys

So many articles that misconstrue the truth and mock what it is to be born Transgendered ... we just want Equal Rights to be equal! No real guy is going to want to play on the girls team, and that includes the transboys! ~ Beth

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“California: Bill for Transgender Student-Athletes Pulled”

“A bill aimed at making school sports teams more welcoming for transgender student-athletes was withdrawn from the California legislature before it had the chance to be considered by state lawmakers.” – Michelle Garcia

California: Bill for Transgender Student-Athletes Pulled

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"This means that in California, if a young lady wants to try out for a high school football team, or a young lad, as improbable as it seems, wants to play field hockey..." -David Wohl, California Lawmaker: Let Boys Be Girls...And Girls Be Boys, biggovernment.com

So it's perfectly natural and understandable that a girl would want to play football (penis-envy probably)... but why the bloody heck would a boy want to do something so frivolous and sissy as play field hockey?

First of all, I never knew that field hockey was only for girls, or that it has become a sport only for females. Does this mean that if there's no ice rink around, a boy can't, or shouldn't play field hockey no matter how bad he wants to play hockey?

This one display of ignorance on Wohl's part says all I need to know about him. Though I read the entire article...it really wasn't necessary after reading this in only the second paragraph.

Did anyone happen to see one of the comments that read, "diversity is perversity?" Wonder which neo-nazi/aryan/supremacist group the commenter belongs to...

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