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“Administration Won’t Consent to Genderf#<king, Yet”

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Swartmore College, PA

““Guys wear a dress, girls wear less” may not be the best (albeit informal) slogan for a party with good intentions, even if it has been a pretty accurate description of Genderf#<ks of years past. And while it even has this year’s planning committee cringing, it is clear Genderf#<ks is going to have to change more than its slogan if it’s going to f*** anything this year.” - Maxwell Nesterak

Administration Won’t Consent to Genderf#<king, Yet

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You know what? Ms.Beth,What I have mostly seen about the genderF*** crowd is a majority of them are younger floks. So some of their poor behavior does'nt surprise me at all. :huh:

I guess they are just expressing them self,and that's ok. :) However they need to remember they are being watched / judged by the general public....And that matters. ;)

Hum....I wonder if Ms.Stephani is going to jump down my throat for using the term GenderF***.???

Like she did when I used the term DRAG QUEEN. O, well these are not my terms just repeating the terms people use in describing themself.

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