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Guest ravynsorrow

First LGBT high school opens in Phoenix

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Hey Ravyn, I have to know dear , what does ole Evan Mecham say about this ? Damn , I wish I could see him squirm out this one !

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:lol: ... I don't think he's gonna have a whole heck of a lot to say unless he's haunting the Arizona state capitol building and has found a way to channel his thoughts to someone or something! Otherwise...he's just gonna have to suck it up.

Now... he may be squirmin'. Or more appropriately, turning in his grave. But from what I've read about him, I don't think anyone is going to care. Seems that even the conservatives couldn't deal with that fool. Tha's pretty bad.

As for the school...I have mixed feelings. In some ways, I am beginning to understand that special concessions are not always the answer. My heart wants to say it's a good thing. A safe and accepting place where kids can be themselves AND learn without fear. But on the other hand...is "segregation" really the answer? It's been proven in many situations that most aspects of segregation are inferior - usually to the group considered 'less than' by the rest of society.

I think I could feel totally good about such places if they are used only until such time that the mainstream institutions adjust their settings to accomodate all people of all persuasions - with built-in deadlines, of course. Otherwise, they could drag their feet under the guise of making improvements just to keep certain groups out.

I also see this as a form of being outted. If a child has been being bullied, but really wasn't out in that setting, but then his parents (who know he's gay) agree to let him go to "Q High," this will eventually get out. The child is outted as being GLBT in some form. The parents are outted as being the parents of a GLBT child. Being outted is one of the problems that parents and other family and friends have with someone they know being GLBT.

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