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Posted: 04/19/2012 9:08 am Updated: 04/19/2012 9:22 am

"Among those to praise the results was Human Rights Campaign (HRC) President Joe Solmonese, who called support for LGBT equality "common sense.""

While I think it's great that people aren't [currently] burning a path to the polls to make sure that same-sex marriage remains illegal, I'm not so sure this is a sign of support as the HRC president seems to think. I think it's more a case of being able to feed your children and keep a roof over their heads is more important at the moment. -Michael

Gay Marriage Not A Top Concern For U.S. Voters: Pew Research Center Poll

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I agree with you, Michael. These poll results show only that fewer Americans care about same-sex equality than other issues. They neither confirm or deny support for either "side." I've very recently been thinking of how to word my feelings about the Conservatives. It's pretty much coming down to, "Not only do they insist we are wrong, they are so selfish they are unwilling to share their privileges, which they feel they deserve as their deity-given rights."

To cite my reasoning, America's WASP population has hated Native Americans, Catholics, Jews, Mormons, Muslims, African-Americans, the Irish, Chinese, Japanese, Italians, Latinos, gays, lesbians, cross-dressers and us transsexuals throughout history. They've barely toleratied other Christians who weren't members of the religion of their choice. We're just the latest in a long and ever longer line.

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