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Glee Introduces Its First Transgender Character

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Unique is SO HOT!!! I have no idea who that white guy might have been but he sure as heck was mighty pissed. Kurt and Mercedes standing in the wings supporting their friend was cool. That everyone was groovin' along was marvelous. I'll have to download this episode and the next.


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Last night, Unique made her second appearance, this time in the second of two episodes. Somehow, she'd made the cover of a national magazine and was reluctant to perform as the "poster child for ... {forgot the rest of the line}! It's too much pressure! All I wanted to do was wear a dress and sing!" Kurt and Mercedes had visited her backstage to wish her luck and reminded Wade that if he didn't think he had the strength to follow through, they knew Unique did and left a single white rose on her dressing table.

Unique had two numbers I remember, the more memorable being "Pinball Wizard" featuring Vocal Adrenaline and 4 prop pinball machines serving as mobile dance platforms for Unique and other Vocal Adrenaline girls. The other number was more balladic, I think, and there may have been a third. Unique also won the Nationals Individual MVP trophy.

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