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Tonight on Dr. Drew: Transsexual who dated accused 'cannibal'

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Tonight: Transsexual who dated accused 'cannibal'


A transsexual who who dated him joins Dr. Drew tonight (6/5/12). What did she know? What can she tell us about Magnotta? His behavior? His personality? Got questions? 1-855-DrDrew5...

NOTE: Link no longer valid. See links in post #4 below.

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Did anyone see the show?

I saw parts of it - it interfered with something else that I normally watch... :lol: But, I went back and forth fairly frequently. I never saw the woman that had allegedly dated Magnotta...therefore, I didn't hear what she had to say about him.

Was she even on the show??

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I just got the same page, Bonnie. I searched the site and found the following on the story. I think this might be the woman who dated Magnotta based on some of the snide reader comments beneath the articles.

Dan Schenek, 06.07.2012

Luka Magnotta’s ex: ‘He wanted to be legendary’ (with Video)

Sarah Carden Lowe, 06.07.2012

Ex-girlfriend of Luka Magnotta speaks out

I think HLN did not air the piece on the date they first announced. That could explain why the link in Lori's post no longer works. Probably explains why I didn't see anything on that date despite the fact that I was channel-hopping.


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