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By Anna Edwards

PUBLISHED: 07:08 EST, 25 October 2012 | UPDATED: 19:22 EST, 25 October 2012

A city is proposing to ban titles such as Mr, Mrs, Miss and Ms in case they offend the transgender community.

Councillors in Brighton will vote on the proposal to remove the words from official forms and paperwork after complaints that they forced people to ‘choose between genders’.

The proposal is backed by Brighton and Hove City Council deputy leader Phelim MacCafferty, who has called the titles 'useless'.

But the new proposal has been branded 'political correctness gone too far' by an opposition councillor who says the idea is 'ludicrous'.. -dailymail.co.uk

Brighton Council plans to remove Mr and Mrs titles from all documents to protect city's transgender community from offence

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It’s going to be Mr, Mrs or ‘Mx’ in Brighton as city goes trans friendly

Brighton, on the south coast of England, is to reflect its high transgender population with a new honorific, ‘Mx’, as an alternative to male or female

18 January 2013 | By Jane Fae

" Brighton and Hove City Council, which last year came under fire for its alleged plan to abolish gender-specific titles such as ‘Mr’ and ‘Mrs’, has today published its final report on the subject." --gaystarnews.com

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