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Two women sued after one's name was omitted from their stillborn son's death certificate, and a judge has ruled that both should be listed.

BY Trudy Ring, December 20 2012 11:04 PM ET

A judge earlier this month ordered that both Jennifer and Jessica Buntemeyer of Davenport be listed on the certificate as the legal parents of their son, Brayden, who was stillborn in October 2011, TV station WQAD reports. They said both of their names were originally listed on the documentation filed with the state, but Jennifer’s name was removed (Jessica was the birth mother), so the couple sued. Officials with the Iowa Department of Public Health denied removing her name. --advocate.com

Iowa Lesbian Couple Win Fight Over Child's Death Certificate

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I am happy to see it was corrected.

Re: two of the commenters

Michael Ejercito is trying to confuse biology with legality or common sense.

Xgay Greg is trying to say that Jesus saved him from homosexuality like this had anything to do with the article or reality.


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Sombody removed it.


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