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I need some opinions on spring dresses

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Ok so Im starting my spring shopping a little early this year. ive found a few dresses that i like. i would like to get some other opinions from a few people. Im also hoping to get some recommendations on shoes as well. Im 5' tall and 215lbs if that helps. theres a picture of me in my gallery so you can get an idea of what i look like. Here are a few of the dresses that i wsa looking at on one web site.


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Your dress and skirt sizes will make a difference. Do you know them? Also, if you have real breasts or not. If you have real breasts then you have more options because you can show cleavage. If you don't and wear breast forms like I do then lowcuts are out. The white one would be my only recommendation but you would have to be careful what you wore underneath it, white underwear or preferrably nude colour. I am not a fan of short in front and long in back skirts or dresses. Green can be tricky. Belts can also be an issue for large waisted women.


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