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Posted: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 6:30 pm | Updated: 6:27 pm, Thu Jan 10, 2013.

"SARASOTA - Police are investigating whether a shooting in Sarasota Tuesday night was a hate crime, because one of the men shot is in the process of changing his gender to become a woman." --mysuncoast.com

Double shooting being investigated as possible hate crime (w/Video)


Another classic miscarriage of tolerance and respect on the part of reporters, police and news anchors. Despite the fact that the female victim's DL reflected her gender...all parties continually referred to her as if she were male. -Mike

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“If we find out that it is involved with a hate crime, we will aggressively go after bringing charges. Right now we have no evidence of that specifically,”

So if it is not deemed a hate crime because it wasn't known that one of the two killed was transgender then the police will just go about their investigation in a regular normal fashion. However, if it is deemed a hate crime then they will "aggressively" investigate the murders. What the Hell does that mean?

Yes, the DL states female. But since she still has a penis then she has to be a male!!!!!!


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