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Guest devil891

I crossdress privately, and fantasize

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Guest hornydevil891

I am a man that loves being a woman, trying my best to appear as, look like, behave like and maybe have sex as a woman would. Ive had sexual relationships with women and they were nice, but all i think of is men...

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Hi Nice topic and thread, I wanted to find out reasons for the title above "I crossdress privately and fantasize"? Can you please give some points as to why you not preform in public versus in private? Thanks. UPDATE : the 2nd part of the above topic has been uploaded [on August 18 2013 ] & the link is embedded in part 1 video description page[white men shall cross dress in another country part 1] ..there will be part III as well as I am finding out more statistics about the above topic in reality.

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