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The marriage equality bill for England and Wales still presents some problems for transgender partners as it finishes its Committee Stage in parliament

12 March 2013 | By Helen Belcher

" For trans women seeking gender recognition, this redefinition means survivor benefits for spouses would be affected. Any contributions paid before either 1988 or 2004 into public sector and occupational pensions, depending upon the pension scheme, would simply be ignored for this purpose. This means trans people, some of whom will be either near retirement or already retired, may be signing away many years of contributions in exchange for gender recognition. In some cases, it may be the spouse’s pension would be reduced by as much as two thirds to what they would have had if their trans partner hadn’t chosen gender recognition." --gaystarnews.com

Pensions and partners could still cost trans people dear in same-sex marriage bill


Why does something so SIMPLE have to be made SO difficult? -Mike

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