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Olympics and Anti-gay Countries

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16 April 2014 | Joe Morgan

" ‘Countries with laws designed to discriminate against or attack the dignity or human rights of anyone - including lesbian, gay, bi and trans people - are clearly inconsistent with the Olympic Charter and should not be given the honour and privilege of hosting the Olympic Games.’" --gaystarnews.com

Olympics must never be hosted in an anti-gay country again, 100,000 call



Again, the Pot (the US) is calling the Kettle (the rest of the World) black - "Olympics must never be hosted in an anti-gay country again."

If the IOC were to enshrine the above into law, there would never be another Olympics held in this country. Least ways, not in the near future. The US might not be as vocal, and as active in discriminating as Russia obviously is, but discrimination is discrimination whether it's done loudly or quietly, or simply by not having laws to keep those so prone to do so, from exercising discrimination against those they do not like.

The US, by the lack of law, and in some cases by law (as in the case of a new Mississippi law), is an anti-TGLB country. If it wasn't, we wouldn't still have 30+ states that still ban, or are still fighting AGAINST same-sex marriage/unions, and teachers wouldn't be placed on suspension or terminated just for being transsexual.



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The greatest difficulty I see with such a policy is what happened for the Solchi games. Solchi was selected years ago. Between the times of selection and the actual games, the "homosexual propaganda" ban came about. The only actions possible were to plan on canceling the games and lobbying for repeal of the ban. The first is unpalatable because the athletes and audience become victims. Lobbying isn't likely to be effective and frankly not something that should result in attempts at coercion, imo, as nations should be permitted to determine their own courses within the international community just as in the USA states can pretty much make their own policies.

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