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Mitch Kellaway | June 01 2014 11:31 AM ET | UPDATED: June 02 2014 2:21 AM ET

"“I have always been frustrated by the lack of trans-masculinity in the media and I thought it was so great that someone finally took it into their own hands to create a series about the trans* male experience,” summarizes Krakowski in a cast interview. He, and the other cast members, all report that the buzz surrounding Brothers has been overwhelmingly positive." --advocate.com

WATCH: Web Series Brothers Explores Lives of Transgender Men

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Brothers Shows the Delight and Difficulty of Dating While Trans
The transmasculine-themed show kicks of Season 2 with Max's achingly sweet — and awkward — dating life.
Mitch Kellaway | July 01 2015 1:53 PM ET
"Following the success of Amazon's hit trans-themed dramedy Transparent, Lundberg happily shares with The Advocate that he and producer Sheyam Ghieth have been approached by a distribution company that considers Brothers a "good fit" for streaming on Amazon Prime. The indie show will begin streaming its first season in the site's Instant Video section in the coming months."  -- advocate.com

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It's great that a show about trans men is airing. It's great that anything about trans people has come to the front of the public eye. 



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